Otakaari 4

Designed by architects Jaakko Kontio and Kalle Räike, Otakaari 4 (also known as K1) is primarily occupied by the School of Engineering and used for both teaching and research.
Konetekniikka 1, Otakaari 4

Otakaari 4 (K1) custodians, tel. 0504723140
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About the building

Otakaari 4 also goes by K1, short for Konetekniikka 1 (Mechanical Engineering 1), named after the Department of Mechanical Engineering for which the building was constructed. It mainly houses teaching and research facilities of the School of Engineering.

Designed by architects Jaakko Kontio and Kalle Räike, the building was completed in 1966. The special feature of this three-story building is the sawtooth-shaped roof windows of its large lecture hall and it's tile facade, similar with the neighbouring Undergraduate Centre.

In the building:

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Aalto University's campus in Otaniemi is the home of an innovative community.

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Aalto University Campus & Real Estate - ACRE

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) maintains, develops and rents out Aalto University facilities in Otaniemi and Töölö. We also build new concepts and shared facilities for parties outside the university, thus turning Otaniemi into a unique partnership centre and the most inspiring campus in the world.

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