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Hanna Mattila

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I work as a senior university lecturer at the Department of Built Environment, Aalto University School of Engineering. My research interests include planning theory, social & political theory, design theory, planning law, and comparative planning studies. I currently lead the Academy of Finland funded research consortium (Aalto University, Dept. of Built Environment & University of Eastern Finland Law School) “Transforming Anatomies of Democratic Planning: Combining Planning-Theoretical and Legal Perspectives on Flexible Regulation in Finnish Land-Use Law” (TRANAPLAN).

I am currently the director of the Master's Programme "Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering". I instruct graduate courses on planning theory and planning systems, and undergraduate courses such as the Basics of Land-use Planning.

I have previously worked as a visiting professor (associate professor) at the University of Minnesota (2018–2020), and I have been a visiting scholar at the University of Sheffield (2013), and at San Diego State University (2014). I have also practical experience of planning & regional development. I have worked, for instance, as the Head of Education (continuous professional development programmes etc.) at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, Helsinki University of Technology, and as a regional planning & regional development officer at the Helsinki-Uusimaa regional council.

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Planning theory, Urban planning, Land use, Planning systems, Urban design, Urban and regional studies, Regional development, Regional planning, Urban history


Multiple Dimensions of Strategic Spatial Planning : Local Authorities Navigating between Rationalities in Competitive and Collaborative Settings

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Työelämätaidot korkeakouluopetuksessa

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Governing ‘places that don’t matter’ : agonistic spatial planning practices in Finnish peripheral regions

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Kaupungin strateginen spatiaalinen suunnittelu

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