Marketta Kyttä

Marketta Kyttä

T213 Built Environment

Marketta Kyttä works as a professor of Land Use Planning in the department of Built Environment in Aalto. She received her PhD in the Department of Architecture from Helsinki University of Technology in 2004. Her doctoral thesis about child-friendly environments received two scientific awards, Lea Pulkkinen and Tapio Nummenmaa awards.

Having background in environmental psychology, her interests cover widely human aspects in planning. Her research topics include environments that promote wellbeing and health, active living, child- and age-friendly environments, social sustainability, urban lifestyles, perceived safety and new methods for public participation. The innovation of her team, “softGIS” methodology, that is an advanced example of PPGIS (public participation GIS) methodology, enable the provision of people's place-based knowledge in the GIS format, complementing the traditional GIS-data. Geospatial World Forum granted softGIS team a webGIS Innovation award in 2010. Currently, The Maptionnaire methodology, that is the commercialised version of softGIS, has been used in over 2 000 projects in more than 80 countries.

Professor Kyttä has authored more than 100 scientific articles with more than 4500 citations. Kyttä has worked in several universities abroad, e.g. Milan Polytechnics (Italy), University of Queensland and Melbourne (Australia) andSan Diego State University, US.

Kyttä is a leader of a Master’s programme, Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering that integrates the fields of land use and transportation planning without forgetting the human focus.

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Tietotie 1 E 02150 Espoo Finland
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Honors and awards

Lea Pulkkisen palkinto Jyväskylän yliopisto, perhetutkimuksen yksikkö

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2004

Geospatial Technology Innovation Award - Web GIS Geospatial world forum, India

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2011

Oppikirja-palkinto, Oppiva kaupunkisuunnittelu -kirjalle Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Finland

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2009

Tapio Nummenmaan palkinto Suomen psykologinen seura

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2004

Naiset ja tekniikka Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Marja-Terttu Tanttisen rahasto, Finland

Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2009

Student Prize: Oskari Vilamo award

Sanna Tegel receives the national Oskari Vilamo award for her master thesis <br/>“Villa Skeppet rakennuksena ja kotina”. Jenni Reuter has been the supervisor of the work. Anni Vartola and Marketta Kyttä have been the advisors.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Architecture Mar 2020

Research groups

  • Planning and Transportation, Professor


Intelligence for Future Cities : Planning Through Big Data and Urban Analytics

Robert Goodspeed, Raja Sengupta, Marketta Kyttä-Pirjola, Christopher Pettit 2023


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Examining the effects of residential location and stated residential preferences on activity space size and centricity

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Coping With Crisis : Green Space Use in Helsinki Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What could transport planning practice learn from public participation GIS method?

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Investigating the tactile warmth of untreated and modified wood surfaces by measuring cold sensitivity in paired-comparison experiments

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Understanding children's neighbourhood destinations : presenting the Kids-PoND framework


A context sensitive approach to anonymizing public participation GIS data : From development to the assessment of anonymization effects on data quality

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Honouring the participatory mapping contributions and enduring legacy of Professor Gregory G. Brown

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Helsinki, Finland : Social sustainability of urban settings - contextually sensitive, participatory approach utilizing PPGIS methodology

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Children's active travel and independent mobility in four countries: Development, social contributing trends and measures

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Asuminen - eletty unelma

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Asumisunelmat tosielämässä

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SoftGIS as a bridge-builder in collaborative urban planning

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Elinympäristön laadun kytkeytyminen eheyttämiseen

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Finland: Bruk av internett for å samle inn innbyggernes opplevelse og bruk av nærmiljøet sitt

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Laatu kokemuksina [Quality as an experience]

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Sustainable urban structure

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Web-based SoftGIS Method in Research and Urban Planning Practices

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Lapsille paras fyysinen ympäristö

Marketta Kyttä 2008 Lapsella on oikeus osallistua

Turvallinen asuinalue: Tampereen Muotiala suunnitelmissa ja kokemuksissa

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Kestävä yhdyskuntarakenne

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PehmoGIS: sähköistä viestintää asukkailta yhdyskuntasuunnittelijoille

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Arabianranta as seen by children and young people

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Asumisen valinnat ja elämäntyylit

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Lasten ja nuorten Arabianranta

Marketta Kyttä, Jaana Tynnilä 2007 Arabianrantaan!Uuden kaupungin maihinnousu.Arabianranta - Rethinking Urban Living

Miten elinympäristön koettu laatu paikallistuu?

Marketta Kyttä 2007 Laatua kaupunkiin

Oppivaa kaupunkisuunnittelua kehittämässä

Marketta Kyttä 2007 Rakennettu Ympäristö

Oppivan kaupunkisuunnittelun konsepti työn alla

Marketta Kyttä 2007 Asu ja Rakenna

Tulevaisuuden haasteita lasten ja nuorten liikkumistarpeissa

Marketta Kyttä, Virpi Britschgi, Marja Rosenberg 2007

A Psychologically Meaningful Description of Environments Requires a Relational Approach

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Environmental child-friendliness in the light of the Bullerby model

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PehmoGIS elinympäristön koetun laadun kartoittajana

Marketta Kyttä, Maarit Kahila 2006

Lasten ja nuorten kasvuympäristö

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The perveived quality factors of the environment and their ecoefficient acceccibility

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Urban structure sustainability and perceived quality of the living environment: searching for the links

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Sosiaalisten vaikutusten arviointi kaavoituksessa : Avauksia sisältöön ja menetelmiin

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An Internet-Based Design Game as a Mediator of Children's Environmental Visions

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Kivikon auditointi

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Lapset eivät voi elää kuin kalat akvaariossa

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Lapsiystävällisyys : urbaaniuden valttikortti

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Lapsiystävällinen ympäristö

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Lasten näkökulma tienpidossa

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Lasten ja nuorten osallistumista tukevia menetelmiä

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Restorative experience, self-regulation, and children's place preferences

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Lapsen kehitystä tukeva ympäristö

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Ympäristö lapsen kehityksen näyttämönä

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Alueet asukkaiden kokemina: asuinalueiden arviointi käyttäjien näkökulmasta

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Lapset ympäristön ekoagentteina

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Lapset ympäristön ekoagentteina

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Liian tiivis asuttavaksi? Tutkimus tiiviisti rakennettujen perinteisten kylien rakenteesta ja asukkaiden kokemuksista

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Aidattu lapsuus - lasten itsenäisen liikkumisen mahdollisuudet

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Children's independent mobility in urban, small town, and rural environments

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Urbaani lapsuus norjalaiseen tapaan

Marketta Kyttä 1997 Psykologia

Ympäristö lapsen mieleen

Marketta Kyttä 1997 Naisuutiset

Arkkitehtonisen ympäristön vaikutus kehitysvammaisten kuntoutustyössä

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Lapsenmielinen oppimisympäristö

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Lasten Töölönlahti

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Minkälainen on hyvä ympäristö lapselle?

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Nuorten paikat - varhaisnuoren ympäristösuhteen ominaisuuksia

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The Affordances of Urban, Small Town, and Rural Environments for Children

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Ympäristövaikutusten arviointi lähiympäristön suunnittelussa

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