Katri Pulkkinen

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  • Planning and Transportation, Doctoral Researcher


Sustainability, Restorative to Regenerative

Martin Brown, Edeltraud Haselsteiner, Diana Apró, Diana Kopeva, Egla Luca, Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, Blerta Vula Rizvanolli 2018

Nordic City Challenge – Kohti kestävää kaupunkikehitystä ongelmalähtöisen oppimisen keinoin

Salla Jokela, Meeri Karvinen, Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, Jonna Similä, Janne Wikström 2018

Social, Health and Participation

Blerta Vula Rizvanolli, Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, Ana Paula Barreira 2018 Sustainability, Restorative to Regenerative

Urban pioneering movement as an example of emergence and change

Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen 2013 The 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet: Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization. Hai Pho