Dominic Stead

Dominic Stead

Department of Built Environment
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Envisioning the driverless city using backcasting and Q-methodology

Esther González-González, Rubén Cordera, Dominic Stead, Soledad Nogués 2023 Cities

The temporality of on-street parking – exploring the role of land-use mix and change on parking dynamics

Anthony Kimpton, Dominic Stead, Jonathan Corcoran 2023 Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

Planning policies for the driverless city using backcasting and the participatory Q-Methodology

Soledad Nogués, Esther González-González, Dominic Stead, Rubén Cordera 2023 Cities

Agency and Structure in Urban and Regional Planning : An Illustrative Overview and Future Research Agenda

Eva Purkarthofer, Dominic Stead 2023 JOURNAL OF PLANNING LITERATURE

European planning studies at 30-past, present and future

D Stead, L Albrechts 2023 European Planning Studies

Spatial planning in the face of flood risk : Between inertia and transition

Meng Meng, Marcin Dąbrowski, Liang Xiong, Dominic Stead 2022 Cities

Soft planning in macro-regions and megaregions : creating toothless spatial imaginaries or new forces for change?

Eva Purkarthofer, Franziska Sielker, Dominic Stead 2022 INTERNATIONAL PLANNING STUDIES

Dreaming the wrong dream : An exploratory case study of a policy change toward sustainable urban development in a medium-sized Chinese city

Yun Song, Martin de Jong, Dominic Stead, Wei Yang, Biyue Wang 2022 JOURNAL OF URBAN AFFAIRS