Iisakki Kosonen

Iisakki Kosonen

Staff Scientist
Staff Scientist
T213 Built Environment

Iisakki's background is in telecommunication (M.Sc.) and transport engineering (PhD). He has a long experience in research, teaching and development of smart mobility, traffic management and traffic simulation. His present research activities involve connected and automated vehicles, smart infrastructures as well as traffic management. Iisakki is developer of several traffic simulation and control software. Currently active in the Smart Junction and People Flow projects.

Iisakki is working as scientist in the Aalto University (prev. Helsinki University of Technology), in the Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering group. His international working experience involve: Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico and Nottingham Trent University (Real-time telemetry) as well as KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (Transport and Logistics). He has published over 100 papers.

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Electric Mobility, Driver Behavior, Traffic Modeling, Traffic Simulation, ITS, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Engineering, Electric vehicles, Traffic Management, Traffic Control, Sustainable Transportation

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  • Planning and Transportation, Staff Scientist