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Future-led Learning Working Group

Future-led learning is a key element in our strategy, and the Future-Led Learning Working Group has been established to support it.

The Future-led Learning Working Group was established in the beginning of 2024to continue the work of the LeSG-ICT group. The working group focusses on the themes of teaching and learning, technology and future, and in collaboration with the Learning Steering Group (LeSG), it has a central role in the strategic guidance of teaching and learning. The Future-led Learning Working Group discusses and prepares policies regarding the learning culture that Aalto wants to support now and in the future, as well as the digital solutions that should be used to reach the selected goals.

Name of group Future-led working group
Chair Petri Suomala
Host: Rotating responsibility of vice deans: Anouar Belahcen /Tomas Falk / Ari Koskelainen /Jouni Paltakari /Jani Romanoff / Rasmus Vuori
Coordination Sanna Pihlajaniemi, Ani-Jatta Immonen (ITS), Mari Nuottajärvi

Vice Deans: Anouar Belahcen, Tomas Falk, Ari Koskelainen, Jouni Paltakari, Jani Romanoff, Rasmus Vuori  
LES: Eija Zitting, Esa Salmio, Tomi Kauppinen, Katri Ventus
AYY:n edustajat: Carl-Victor Schauman, Susanne Erlund
Ohjelmat: Antti Karttunen Aalto CHEM, JohannaBragge Aalto BIZ, Tiina Pusa Aalto ARTS, Petri Vuorimaa / Anni Rytkönen Aalto SCI
ITS: Christa Winqvist, Patrik Maltusch

Process owners are summoned to meetings when required by the meeting agenda.

Key themes

Teaching and learning, technology and future

- To outline Aalto-level policies regarding digital solutions and the learning environment.
- To support the preparation and implementation of the digitalisation roadmap for the area of teaching and learning.
- To ensure that the digital solutions and development services used in the area of teaching and learning are in line with the university strategy and the needs of the schools.

Meetings Twice per academic term. The meeting dates will be specified on this page.
Documentation The key points discussed in each meeting will be listed on this page.
Other inquiries regarding the working group can be addressed to the coordinator of the group.
Five students working on a group project in the business school building.

Management of education

Continual development of the quality of teaching and learning is one of the university's key strategic objectives. Aalto University promotes a positive culture of learning. Special attention is paid to supporting the progress of studies and monitoring the study process to ensure learning outcomes.

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