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Quality assurance and evaluation of education

At Aalto University, our primary focus is providing high-quality learning experiences. To achieve this, we've implemented a comprehensive quality assurance framework to evaluate our educational activities.
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Quality assurance activities in education:

  1. Internal Quality Assurance 
    Aalto Schools have internal practices for regularly checking and evaluating the degree programmes. This includes self-assessments, or so-called programme review activities, to identify the state of vitality, strengths and development needs of the degree programmes. 
  2. Student Feedback
    Vital to our quality assurance process is our students' feedback. Gathered through different surveys and course evaluations, student feedback helps us find our strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 
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  3. Peer Reviews and External Evaluations 
    We value third-party perspectives in our quest for excellence. By undergoing peer reviews and external evaluations, we ensure our degree programmes meet national and international standards and align with best practices in the field. Examples of this are the Teaching evaluation exercise (TEE) and different quality audits and accreditations. 
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  4. Learning Outcomes Assessment
    We set clear learning goals for all courses and degree programmes. Regular monitoring and evaluation of these learning outcomes helps us assess student achievement and the effectiveness of our educational activities. 
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  5. Continuous development
    Our commitment to continuous development and improvement is embedded in all our educational processes. We not only find areas requiring attention but also implement appropriate actions. Our collaborative culture fosters ongoing enhancements in our teaching and learning. 
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In essence, our systemic approach towards quality assurance and continuous improvement aims to maintain high educational standards and a valuable learning experience for our students.

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 Johanna Söderholm

Johanna Söderholm

Manager, Programme management services
Issues related to degree programme quality assurance and evaluation

Quality system

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Strategy and quality

Aalto University's strategy and quality system are intertwined and together establish the foundations for our ways of working and pursuit of excellence. Aalto university's quality management is based on continuous development.

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Aalto quality system

Quality policy and system

The quality system is an entity of policies, procedures and processes.

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Aalto University evaluation programme 2023-2029

Assesment and Feedback

The purpose of evaluations is to ensure the quality of and improve university activities and to embed the best joint operating methods in the organisation.

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Audit and evaluation

Audit and evaluation

The starting point of the quality work at Aalto University is the need to evaluate, follow up and develop the quality and efficiency of our operations. The goal is improving quality and cascading the shared best practices throughout the organisation.

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ARotor laboration akselimittausta

Quality audit and accreditations

In addition to ensure the quality of different activities, audits and accreditations increase the visibility and attractiveness of the university.

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Teaching and learning evaluation exercise – TEE

The target of TEE 2020 is to identify needs for future development in education at Aalto, and make visible and evaluate the achievements during the 10 Aalto years.

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Feedback and assessment of learning

Kuva ryhmätyötä tekevistä opiskelijoista / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto Unto RautioUnto_Rautio

Evaluation and feedback processes in teaching and learning

Aalto University takes part in national and international evaluations, audits and benchmarking activities, and self-evaluates its own planning and implementation processes in the areas of teaching and learning. In addition, Aalto monitors its students’ academic progress, graduation and employment, and collects feedback on the quality of education and learning from employers and graduates. Internal and external evaluations are conducted in accordance with a multiyear evaluation programme.

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ITP student team working outside

The principles of feedback in education and student feedback in Aalto University

In Aalto, feedback is collected from students during different phases of their studies. Hearing the voice of students is vital for the development of teaching and training as well as for quality assurance and for improving study-related services. Feedback is used on multiple levels in many ways and its utilisation is a special area of focus in Aalto. Student guilds and organisations are also interested in and benefit from feedback and surveys.

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Learning assessment at Aalto University

Assessment for learning at Aalto University is a carefully planned pedagogical process which aims to support learning instead of merely measuring it.

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Management and development of education

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Management of education

Continual development of the quality of teaching and learning is one of the university's key strategic objectives. Aalto University promotes a positive culture of learning. Special attention is paid to supporting the progress of studies and monitoring the study process to ensure learning outcomes.

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Using data of teaching and studying for programme development

Data about teaching and studying is one of the key bases that support the monitoring, evaluation and development of education and our programmes.

Programme director's handbook
Henkilö luennoi luokan edessä henkilöstön jäsenille

The AllWell? student survey and development of teaching at Aalto University

The annually conducted AllWell? student survey gives us research-based data for planning pedagogical development. A summary of AllWell? results are distributed to Aalto programme directors and school management.

Teaching and learning
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