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Analytics to support studying, teaching, advising and support, and education management.

This page describes what learning analytics solutions Aalto University offers and how you can get support for using them.
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Learning Analytics in Aalto University

What does learning analytics mean?

Learning analytics can be defined broadly as analysing the data generated by studying and teaching so that they can be better understood. This can be used to provide support to students and to develop teaching and training.

What are the benefits of learning analytics for different stakeholders?

Learning analytics can be used by students, teachers, staff participating in advising and support, programme directors and service personnel, each according to their work roles.

The aim of learning analytics is to understand and to proactively support the study and teaching implementations: 

  • For student: Learning analytics tools support students' study activity, systematic implementation of studies, development of study skills and study well-being.
  • For teacher: Learning analytics tools help teachers evaluate and develop teaching methods and teaching materials, as well as help teachers to support students' work. 
  • For student advising and guidance: Learning analytics tools help to detect study-related support needs
  • For degree and doctoral programmes: Learning analytics tools support the development of the university's programmes, teaching offerings and processes. 

Learning analytics takes into account Aalto's study and teaching goals and aims to support their implementation

Learning analytics combines several areas and discipline. These have been explained in more detail in Aalto's Learning Analytics Policy (see the section in the end of this page), which guides development work and use. An updated version of the policy will be published in autumn 2023.

  • The goals and principles of studying and teaching at Aalto guide the use of analytics
  • Legal (e.g. data privacy) and ethical elements are ensured as part of the use of analytics
  • High-quality data on studies and teaching as well as analytics methods are one of the basis of analytics
  • Tools for presenting and utilising analytics results are developed based on user needs
  • Analytics is best utilised as integrated into teaching and guidance practices and tools

Learning analytics: Frequently asked questions and examples of use aims to bring the use of learning analytics on practical level. FAQs deal with general, student and teacher guestions.

Learning analytics solutions for several user groups

The use of learning analytics tools provided by the university is in its rather early stages. 
Analytics tools for different user groups already exist, and new ones are being developed. 
Mentioned below are the most central ones.

Do you need support for using learning analytics? 

Learning analytics solutions are based on user needs and users also participate in tools development. 

In general, the aim is to offer learning analytics as Aalto's shared solutions.
If Aalto's common tools do not meet your analytics and data needs, we aim to support the individual requests and assist in producing possible additional analyses.  

We also support the development of data-assisted work and related skills (data literacy). 

Please, contact us if you want to participate in the development of learning analytics.

Learning analytics experts and contacts in Aalso

 Jiri Lallimo

Jiri Lallimo

senior specialist
Learning analytics lifecycle from policy work and development to implementation and support. Programme director's Annual clock in service platform. Support for data literacy in Aalto.
 Amanda Sjöblom

Amanda Sjöblom

Reporting and analytics services for education, Degree programme report tool, Programme director's onboarding support

Other important actors supporting the use of learning analytics and use of educational daa in general

Services for teaching

  • MyCourses-analytics as part of teaching

Management Information Services

  • Support for reporting in the area of education and user rights for PowerBi-reports in Aalto. Helpdesk [email protected]

IT solutions ITS (contact info)

  • Technical solutions for analytics in Aalto: Ville Kivimäki, Analytics solutions owner
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Programme Management Services

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Learning analytics policy in Aalto university

Aalto university Learning analytics policy aims to clarify the goals and principles of learning analytics in Aalto and define the use of data and analytics results.

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Learning analytics: Frequently asked questions and examples of use

This page includes frequently asked questions and examples of the use of learning analytics.

The material will be updated along the development and the new practices with learning analytics.

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Data literacy for Aalto community

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Guidance for the use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning at Aalto University

Guidance for the use of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning at Aalto University.

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