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Data storage, collaboration and backup

There are a number of solutions available for storing your data. As the research proceeds, the needs for the storage may change and most likely the data needs to be stored in several systems or with different access rights during its lifecycle. To get the most out of your data during its lifecycle, keep it managed, documented, secured and backed up.

Recommended services

Use Aalto Storage Space for daily working during your research.

For day to day collaboration you can consider cloud services:

You might also want to check the IT Services for Research page to make sure you are aware of all resources at Aalto.

Should you have special requirements concerning storage (e.g. more performance, capacity, collaboration, mobility), please contact Aalto IT support to find a suitable solution to your specific needs.

For archival and publishing, put the data in a repository that secures the backup of the data and where you can choose the level of openness (not opened / opened to your colleagues partially or completely / opened to everyone partially or completely):

Data can be archived to a repository during the project. Set access right first to closed access, and change it later to open access according to the goals of the project.

Confidential data and information security

Information security is about keeping your information safe and accessible. Information should be safe: neither changed nor destroyed accidentally. Information should be accessible: available to you and away from unauthorized users.

If you obtain confidential data, make sure to follow the nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Plan the security aspects and the handling of personal data  in the beginning of your research. More information on personal data as part of research data in the section research ethics. If you start a project that collects confidential data then please contact [email protected].

Here are some things to consider:

  • First, classify the information. How sensitive is it? Are there restrictions on how to handle the data and what services to use? Check the attached guideline document for detailed information.
  • Do you need to encrypt sensitive data for transfer and collaboration? For details, look at the encryption guides for Aalto:

Additional information:


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