Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Good research data management enables open science. Aalto University provides services, instructions and support to help researchers manage their data well. These pages are a collection of instructions and services available at Aalto, with links to selected external instructions added on.

Support and training for research data management

Any data-related requests may be sent to [email protected], which is read by a team of data experts (IT specialists, legal counsels, researchers, information specialists) who can answer your questions or direct the questions to the right specialists.

You can also discuss your questions personally with data agents, who are researchers experienced in RDM. Contact them directly or use the consultation hours to visit them.

Data agents and data advisor

Data Agents are researchers who work to improve data management in their department, school, or unit.


Data support contacts

Contact interdisciplinary team in [email protected] to help you with your research data management needs.

Contact info

RDM training

There is a variety of training events and learning resources targeted to improve data management skills and knowledge of both researchers and support personnel.



10-08-2020 Ivika Jäger became a data agent in the School of Business (BIZ).

12-05-2020 Data agent from Computer Science, Richard Darst, co-organizes online CodeRefinery intended for researchers who want to learn about tools and best practices for version control in modern research software development (Git). More information:

08-05-2020 Aalto University released Open Science and Research Policy for comments from Aalto community. More information:

30-04-2020 CSC, a national IT Center for Science, organizes a webinar, 07.05, 10:00-11:30, about their services relevant for data management at different stages of research project:

27-04-2020 Data agent from Computer Science, Richard Darst, co-organizes online stream/show about scientific computing and research software. More information:

18-03-2020 There are changes in RDM training. Please, check "RDM training" section for more details.

05-03-2020 We are offering a series of Research Data Management training in March-May. Check "RDM training" section to get more information!

Learn more on research data management

Take a look at these detailed guides to learn how to manage your research data from planning your research to publishing results.

Introduction to research data management and best practices

Research data management is important to prevent losing valuable data.

Aalto University RDM

Data Management Plan (DMP)

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document that specifies how research data are handled during and after a research project. DMP identifies key actions to ensure that research data are of a high quality, safe, sustainable and, if possible, also accessible and reusable.

The image is from Aalto University material bank.

Storage services for research data

Store your data in a service that enables backups, confidentiality or collaboration as needed.

The image is from Aalto University material bank.

Data documentation, organization, and metadata

Metadata describes the research data. Information about the creator, license, relevant dates, and summary statistics can all be metadata.

The image is from Aalto University material bank.

Publishing and reusing open data

Overview and instructions to services for sharing and publishing research data

Aalto univerisity library

How to handle personal data in research?

Recognize whether you are processing personal data and follow these instructions to handle it correctly.

Personal data

Publishing and commercialization – Can I have both?

When following the guidelines presented in this page, it is possible to both commercialize and publish your research results.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are answers to the most common questions on research data management.

Photo of Aino Huovio from Aalto materials bank


Tietoasiantuntija Eeva Savolainen / kuvaaja Vesa Kyllönen
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Eeva Savolainen starts as Information Specialist

Eeva Savolainen works in the Open Science and ACRIS team.
Opiskelijoita / kuvaaja Aalto-yliopisto, Unto Rautio
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Research Services provides regular training on research data management

Twice a year, the research services of Aalto University organize a set of trainings, which lead the participants into the wonderful world of data management.
Kuvakaappaus Biografiasammosta
Research & Art Published:

Eero Hyvönen introduces masses of data to humanists – and everyone else

Data from the ‘sampos’ developed by Hyvönen and his colleagues are open to everyone, and they facilitate the work of historians, for example
Aurinkokartta, jossa näkyy suurin havaittu purkaus Auringossa
Research & Art Published:

Metsähovi Radio Observatory publishes solar data spanning more than four decades

The amount of data Metsähovi receives from the Sun is huge and is growing daily with new findings.
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Research and Innovation Services

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