Fairdata services

The Fairdata services enable verifiable and reproducible science and secure preservation of digital research outputs. Services support storage, publishing, describing, digital preservation and reuse of research datasets.

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Video: Overview of the Fairdata service suite (subtitles in English, 2:08 min)Video: Research data storage service IDA 1/2 (subtitles in English, 2:41 min)

Video: Research data storage service IDA 2/2 (subtitles in English, 5:52 min)


IDA: Becoming an IDA user

IDA: Quick start guide

Qvain: User guide


IDA research data storage service

  • Reliable storage space for research data to be published
  • 480 TB quota for Aalto University in total
  • Login with Aalto account
  • Collaboration possible with other CSC users; Finnish universities and research institutes, and external research collaborators
  • Sharing individual files to anyone with links
  • Browser and command line interfaces available
  • Integrates to other Fairdata services to support publishing research data
    • Describe dataset with Qvain and publish through Etsin

Qvain metadata creation tool

  • Document a collection of files as a dataset and publish description in Etsin
  • Publish IDA files as datasets, making them findable via Etsin
    • May also be used for files in other storage locations
  • Assigns persistent identifiers for metadata descriptions

Etsin research dataset finder

  • Service to find and access research datasets
  • Provides landing page for Fairdata datasets, making them findable
  • Harvests metadata from external repositories
    • Including ACRIS, Language Bank of Finland, the Finnish Social Science Data archive and the Finnish Environmental Institute
  • Allows applying for and granting permits to use restricted access datasets

Metax API

  • Allows creating metadata records programmatically for automation and integration purposes

Fairdata PAS digital preservation service

  • Digital preservation is the reliable storage of digital information for tens or even hundreds of years
  • For organisational users
  • Preserves research data in behalf of Aalto University, taking care of file conversions as needed
  • 10 TB quota for Aalto University in total

Fairdata services are offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture and produced by CSC – IT Center for Science. Services are free of charge to Aalto University.


For problems and service requests on the Fairdata services, contact CSC customer support at [email protected]

If you have any questions on the use of Fairdata services in Aalto University, please send a service request here:


  • IDA is suitable neither for sensitive personal data nor confidential data
  • IDA requires a simple registration and application process. See: Becoming an IDA user.
  • Service is available for researchers and doctoral students.
  • PAS isn't currently available as Aalto preservation process is not in place yet

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Publishing the underlying research data increases citations to your journal articles and other publications.

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