Zenodo Data Repository

Zenodo is recommended general-purpose repository for research data. Zenodo is hosted by CERN and funded by EU, and expected to be available for a long time. Zenodo has a set of useful features to support open science.

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How to upload a dataset to Zenodo (video, 3'55")


  • Zenodo will register a new persistent identifier DOI for uploaded datasets.
  • Supports login using ORCID account
  • Accepts various upload types including publications, posters, presentations, datasets, images, video/audio files, software and lessons.
  • Default quota is 50 GB per dataset
  • Supports restricting access to data for later publishing (e.g. together with the publication)
  • Zenodo integrates with GitHub to make software citeable.
  • EU-funded, and managed by CERN.
  • Supports versioning on the dataset level
  • Communities to build a hub of curated information with a group of users 


  • Contact Open Science and ACRIS team to get help with describing your datasets: [email protected]
  • For problems and issues with the Zenodo service, you may contact Zenodo support through an online form
  • If you have any questions or problems related to use of Zenodo in Aalto University, please send a service request here:


  • Storage for datasets larger than 50 GB needs to be discussed with Zenodo support
  • Not suitable for confidential or secret data
  • No support services for data curation, describing datasets or publishing
  • Authentication only with Github, ORCID or Zenodo account 
  • Only browser interface available for uploads

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