Special days and weddings

A leave of absence on full pay is granted for the employee's own 50th and 60th birthday, if the day coincides with a working day. Also the day the employee gets married is a paid day off.

Guideline for application: The abovementioned applies also to a cohabitant and a partner within the meaning of the Act on Registered Partnerships (Laki rekisteröidystä parisuhteesta 950/2001).

  1. Report any absence to your supervisor without delay.
  2. Report the absence in Workday-system with reason Peraonal reason with pay.
  3. The supervisor confirms the absence notification via Workday.

Instructions for recording absences and annual leave

All absences and leaves, such as sick leave or annual leave, are requested in Workday, where supervisors approve them.

Request an absence
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