Special days and weddings

A leave of absence on full pay is granted for the employee's own 50th and 60th birthday, if the day coincides with a working day. Also the day the employee gets married is a paid day off.

Guideline for application: The abovementioned applies also to a cohabitant and a partner within the meaning of the Act on Registered Partnerships (Laki rekisteröidystä parisuhteesta 950/2001).

  1. Report any absence to your supervisor without delay.
  2. Report the absence in Workday-system with reason Peraonal reason with pay.
  3. The supervisor confirms the absence notification via Workday.

Ohjeet poissaolojen ja vuosilomien merkitsemiseen

Kaikki poissaolot ja lomat ilmoitetaan Workday-järjestelmässä, missä esihenkilöt hyväksyvät ne.

Request an absence
Student at laptop. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio

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