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Do you want to develop yourself as a teacher? Aalto university offers pedagogical courses to support pedagogical skills of faculty members.

The pedagogical training offers you a possibility to familiarize yourself with teaching, learning and educational development. The training is organized both in English and in Finnish.
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Basic information

Course descriptions

The following courses are offered or have been offered in Aalto pedagogical training. All the courses are not offered all the time.

For information about coming courses and their enrollment, please log in and find Events of upcoming pedagogical courses and registration at the top part of this web page.

Core courses

Aalto pedagogical training 25 ECTS
The structure of pedagogical training (25 ECTS)

The training programme consists of four core courses: A! Peda Intro, Learning and teaching in higher education, Course design, and Teaching practice. A! Peda Intro-course is prerequisite for the other courses.

The core courses are usually taught twice a year: once in English and once in Finnish.

A! Peda Intro (5 cr)

The A! Peda Intro course is designed to introduce you to the principles and methods of university pedagogy. The aim of this course is to offer new ideas and tools to help you to develop your teaching.
Please note that this course substitutes the previous O3 course (offered at TKK), so you cannot include both of these courses into a training programme.

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Learning and teaching in higher education (5 cr)

Learning and teaching in higher education (5 cr)

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Course Design (5 cr)

Course Design, 5 cr. If you are interested in designing a course or if you would like to redesign your course or part of it, this course is for you.

Aalto University Open University Finnish course

Teaching Practice (5 cr)

Teaching Practice (5 cr)

Networking Workshop

Elective courses

The training programme requires 5 ECTS of elective studies, but you are free to study more than that. Unlike of core courses, offering of elective courses varies each year.

Training in previous semesters

Pedagoginen koulutus keväällä 2021
Pedagogical training in autumn 2020
Pedagogical training in spring 2020
Pedagogical training in fall 2019

Contact information

  • Questions regarding applications, courses, schedules etc.: [email protected]
  • Questions regarding individual pedagogical support: Please contact your own school's educational developer.

University pedagogical training:

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

School of Business

School of Chemical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

School of Engineering

Sara Rönkkönen

Sara Rönkkönen


School of Science

Other useful information and training for Aalto university's teachers

Teaching and learning

A landing page for teachers to help them find services and support related to teaching and learning.

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Training to support digital teaching

Teacher services team organises training events, webinarsand workshops for users of shared learning platforms and tools. MyCourses, Panopto, Turnitin, EXAM, Presemo

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