Thesis advising in Aalto University

Thesis is an individual work, made by the student. Nevertheless, students have both right to receive advising and responsibility to ensure the quality of the thesis work by discussing with the thesis advisor during the process. Good communication between the student and the advisor as well as feedback are essential during the process of thesis work.


In Aalto University thesis works are done in the fields of business, arts and technology. Each field has set their own goals, guidelines and evaluation criteria for thesis works. Also, the terminology used in thesis advising may vary, depending on school. Each school has their own guidelines for thesis supervision or advising, given on either school or programme level. You can find schools' thesis instructions and guidelines collected in the list below. 

Academic advising

Academic advising is a part of advising system that covers the whole study path of the student. Attending academic advising is a part of studies.

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Aalto-yliopisto, akateeminen ohjaus

Student Services psychologist group

The Student Services psychologist group comprises Aalto’s study psychologists and the career counselling psychologist.

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Opiskelijoiden tukeminen, ohjaus ja hyvinvointi
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