Otaniemi - Event and conference facilities

Aalto University offers a diverse range of facilities for various events, such as meetings, seminars and congresses. Over 100 venues are available, the majority of which are located in the Otaniemi campus.
We welcome Aalto University stakeholders and partners as well as other operators to organise an event in the heart of the university. Contact Facility Sales, we are glad to help you find an appropriate space and to organize your event!
Aalto University Undergraduate Centre Otaniemi, image: Tuomas Uusheimo

Otakaari 1 - large events

Otakaari 1 functions as the Undergraduate Centre and it has numerous facilities that offer a unique environment for international congresses, seminars, and events. Otakaari 1 was designed by Alvar Aalto.

Service providers in the building:


Aalto Hall

The shining jewel of the building is the imposing and beautiful Aalto Hall (570 people). Next to the Aalto Hall is the B-Hall (320 persons) and C-Hall (310 persons), as well as an ample lobby space in front of these halls. Halls D and E are next to the main entrance (230 persons).

Aalto-yliopisto / kuvaaja: Tuomas Uusheimo

Main lobby

The main entrance is right next to the Metro station.The lobby is a great place for registration of the event and it is possible to arrange there a guarded cloack room.

Otakaari 1, U-siiven aula

U wing at the Undergraduate Centre

U wing is located 50m from the main entrance. Around this lobby area there are six auditoriums, halls U1-U6. The lobby is also area for coffee breaks.


Luentosali U4 / Otakaari 1

Traditional lecture halls

The U wing has six lecture halls with capacities for 60 - 600 persons.

Luentosali U135a / kuvaaja: Tuomas Uusheimo

Nokia Hall

In the U wing there is the Nokia Hall operating as a lecture hall (60 persons). The meeting technique is easy to control from a display panel on the lecturer's table.

Luentosali U8 / kuvaaja: Tuoman Uusheimo

Lecture halls U8 and U9

Lecture halls U8 (100 persons) and U9 (60 persons) are upgraded auditoriums that are also suitable for group work.

Otakaari 1 - small events

Otakaari 1 has numerous spaces for under 50 people which are mainly classrooms or spaces with fixed furnishings. The facilities are excellent adjacent spaces or group work rooms for use in larger seminars or conferences.

Otakaari 1, Y115

Y115 meeting room adjacent to the main lobby. Meeting table is for 26 persons.

Otakaari 1, Y229

In the Y wing there are 8 seminar halls (30-40 persons). The halls have data projectors, computers, the aalto open wireless network, sound amplifier and an interface for a laptop computer.

Otakaari 1 U360b

The U wing has more than 10 small meeting and group work spaces. The spaces have lcd screens, the aalto open wireless network and an interface for a laptop computer.

Maarintie 8 - TUAS building

Maarintie 8 is a stone's throw away from the Metro station. The building has four auditoriums for 150-300 persons.

The service provider in the building is Fazer Food & Co TUAS.

Maarintie 8 / ala-aula

Auditoriums AS1 and TU1 are located in connection with the lobby on the first floor.

Luentosali AS1

Auditoriums AS1 and TU1, 150 persons. Aalto facilities are set up to enable the user to control the equipment as needed.

Luentosali TU2

TU2 and AS2 are auditoriums with seating for 300. The facilities have data projectors, a computer, and microphones.

Maarintie 8 / yläaula

The auditoriums are on the second floor adjacent to the upper lobby. The facilities are accessible.

Maarintie 8 / Seminaarisali 1023

The building also has eight seminar/conference rooms for 10-30 people.

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Other buildings and facilities

Otaniemi has many buildings and spaces for different needs. Contact [email protected] and we will find an appropriate space for your meeting.

A Grid

A Grid

A Grid is located at Otakaari 5. Startup hub A Grid has one of the largest concentrations of startups in Europe and there are several operators under the same roof. Event and meeting spaces Mordor and Little Mordor (50 and 25 persons) are equipped with large screens and are located in the lobby facilities.


A Grid, Jeti

In addition, A Grid has an auditorium Jeti (200 persons) and several conference rooms in different sizes.

Ravintola Factory Otaniemi

Service operators in A Grid:

Konemiehentie 2

Konemiehentie 2

Konemiehentie 2, or the Computer Science Building, is located near the Metro entrance on Tietotie. The building has auditoriums for 90 and 270 persons, as well as smaller facilities.

Service providers in the building:

Other event venues at the Aalto Unviersity campus

Dipoli - Event and conference facilities

Dipoli serves as the main building of Aalto University. It is a new type of multi-use building which reflects the skills and knowledge, activities, and people of the University. Dipoli offers the entire Aalto community and stakeholders meeting places, work space, as well as facilities for events and exhibitions.

Dipoli, Käpyovi. Photo: Aalto University/Tuomas Uusheimo

Event venue Aalto Valimo

A tailored dinner after a day of meetings or an unforgettable celebration in the heart of Otaniemi. Get to know Aalto Valimo.


Meeting and sauna facility Aalto Inn Laajalahti

The meeting and sauna facility Aalto Inn Laajalahti is located by the sea in Otaniemi. Come and spend a relaxing sauna evening with your colleagues, or have a meeting with a view over the sea. Get to know Aalto Inn Laajalahti.


Further information

Further information about the campus and reserving the facilities.

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