Facility sales conditions

Our professional facility rental team does not leave our customers to plan the event on their own. The rental conditions make it easier to take certain practical matters into consideration in advance when organising events.
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The Aalto University common use facilities are primarily used by the university. External use must not interfere with regular operations of the university. Aalto University facilities can be rented out for use by companies, scientific communities, as well as public and non-profit groups, associations, and NGOs. The facilities will not be hired out for party political or religious events. The facilities are mainly hired out during normal operating hours of the building. The hirer's own staff can not be used to replace an Aalto University caretaker.

Facility bookings

Hiring Aalto University facilities for external use can be done through Facility Rental. Inquiries by e-mail to [email protected] or by using the request for offer form. Reservations can be made primarily for the ongoing academic year.

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The facilities at Aalto University are always subject to a charge. For external use, price groups exist, according to which Facility Rental will make an offer to the customer. Value-added tax is added to the prices when sales to outside parties are involved. The price list is valid for the normal operating hours of the facilities. A minimum of 1 hour will be charged. The preparation/building time is also subject to a charge and the customer must notify Facility Rental of the preparation time needed at the time of booking. For out of hours use there will be a separate charge for caretaker costs.

Price categories 2024

Price category Price € / day (VAT 0%)
A1 € 173
A2 € 249
A3 € 297
A4 € 379
A5 € 460
A6 € 595
A7a € 811
A7b € 973
A8 € 1163
A9 € 1406
A10 € 1785
A11 € 2190
A12 € 2758


The rental invoice is sent after the event. Depending on the case, a full or partial advance payment may be charged. The payment term is 30 days.

Terms of cancellation

If the booking is cancelled 28-15 days before the date booked, 50% of the rental charge will be charged.
If the booking is cancelled 14-0 days before the date booked, 100 % of the rental charge will be charged.
More detailed case-specific terms of cancellation will be drawn up for bookings of several days and several facilities.

Aalto University has right to cancel the booking if the event or the content of the event differs from the information given in advance.

If obligated by the authorities or by a decision made by Aalto university management, the service provider may in its sole discretion and in the case of state emergency or an important justified grounds to cancel the event. In that case the service provider is not liable for any compensation or damages to the client caused by the cancellation or postponement of the event.


Facility Sales will give a price offer for conference catering on request. The catering contract is between the customer and the caterer, and the customer will be invoiced for the catering services by the caterer. Catering can be ordered for restaurant facilities, meeting facilities, or lobbies.

Serving of alcohol

If the premises booked do not have a licence, the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Advance notice must be given to Facility Sales when making the reservation if alcohol is to be served. The customer is responsible for giving notice in accordance with Section 59 of the Alcohol Act.

Further information from the Poliisi website

Regulatory approvals and fees and rescue plan

The organisers of the event are obliged to familiarise themselves with the Assembly Act (530/1999), Rescue Act (Section 16) and the Government Decree on Rescue Services (Pelastusasetus, Section 3).

Instructions from the Rescue department website

For large events open to the public at large the customer must draft a rescue plan specific to the event as required by law.

Further information from the rescue plan website

The customer is responsible for securing all official permits and for possible Teosto and Gramex copyright fees.

Further information from the Teosto website


The customer is responsible for not exceeding the maximum venue capacity.

Emergency exits

Emergency exits and storage of fire extinguishing equipment must not be obstructed if the usual arrangement of furniture is changed or furniture, equipment or other movables brought into the facility by the customer.


Setting up exhibitions in lobbies or hallways incurs a fee and is permitted only in locations suitable for the purpose.


The customer is responsible for acquiring insurance for the event. We recommend that the customers acquire accident and liability insurance for their own property, equipment, and furniture.


The customer is responsible for the electrification of the event, if there is a need for electricity that differs from normal use.

Liability for damage

If any damage or harm is caused by the participants to the property in the building during the event, the customer will be invoiced for the repair costs separately.

We reserve the right to changes.

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