Dipoli - Event and conference facilities

Dipoli serves as the main building of Aalto University. It is a new type of multi-use building which reflects the skills and knowledge, activities, and people of the University. Dipoli offers the entire Aalto community and stakeholders meeting places, work space, as well as facilities for events and exhibitions.
Dipoli, Käpyovi. Photo: Aalto University/Tuomas Uusheimo

In addition to the university and its students, partners of Aalto may also hold events of their own at Dipoli. Dipoli has six facilities for conferences and private parties for 10-1000 people, as well as Fazer restaurants and cafés.

Dipoli restaurant services

Dipoli 360° space tour

Explore Dipoli and its event and conference facilities through a 360° space tour. Move from room to room and look around at the iconic main building of Aalto University.

Explore Dipoli!
Aalto University / Dipoli / photo: Markus Sommers

Kaleva Hall

Kaleva is an prestigious hall for seminars, congresses, evening events and exhibitions. The implementations of technology for large events, such as speaker systems for music performances, special lighting, image transfer, streaming, etc. can be ordered separately from event technology professionals.


Dipoli, Kaleva-sali

Furnishing options

  • 600 persons, theatre
  • 350 persons, classroom
  • 200-400 persons, dinner
Dipoli / Kaleva-sali

Meeting technique

Standard equipment includes a data projector (resolution WUXGA, Christie D12WU-H), a projection screen (7m) in front of the stage or behind it, two hand-held microphones, two tie/headset microphones, four table microphones. Display - 55" - with a floor stand and Aalto Open wifi.

Dipoli / Capitolium / aulatila


In connection with the Kaleva Hall there is an open and well-lit lobby space, Capitolium, which is available for coffee breaks, get-togethers, cocktail parties, or exhibitions.

Dipoli / Juhla-aula

Gala Lobby

Cloakroom services are on the first floor, in the Gala Lobby in the immediate proximity of the main entrance.

Dipoli / Sief-sali / Juhlat

Kaleva & Sief

Kaleva Hall can be combined with the adjacent Sief Hall for seminars, evening banquets, or exhibitions. When combined, the hall has a capacity for 1000 people sitting in rows of chairs, 600 in classroom configuration or 800 for an evening banquet.

Dipoli, Sief-sali


Sief is the main buffet lunch area for conference customers and has a capacity for about 250 people. Stand-up lunches can be held for up to 600 people when the lobby areas are included. The Sief Hall can also serve as an exhibition and evening banquet or seminar venue for larger event. In seminar use the hall can hold 300 people seated in rows of chairs or 200 with a classroom configuration. The hall has a data projector (resolution WUXGA, Christie D12WU-H), and a projection screen.


Lumituuli is an auditorium for up to 250 persons. In addition to seminars, the space can be used for various presentation and information events as well as for showing films and stage plays.


Dipoli auditorio

Meeting technique

The auditorium contains comprehensive technical solutions: A data projector (resolution WUXGA, Christie D12WU-H), a projection screen, four speech microphones with table stands and swan's necks, two tie/headset microphones, two hand-held microphones, a 55" screen, and Aalto Open wifi.

Dipoli-rakennuksen pääsisäänkäynti nimeltään Käpyaula. Kuvassa pitkä aulakäytävä, missä kahvipöytiä ja muodin opiskelijoiden suunnittelemia ja valmistamia vaatteita. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto, Mirka Elovaara

Cone Lobby

Next to Lumituuli stands the Cone Lobby with plenty of atmosphere, which showcases changing exhibition activities.

Dipoli / opasteet


Dipoli has two entrances - Cone Entrance and Gala Entrance. Lumituuli is next to the Cone Entrance.

Small facilities for meetings

Dipoli has three smaller meting spaces on the first floor: Palaver, Takka, and Poli.

Dipoli, Palaver


  • capacity is 50 classroom / 80 theatre / 24 U-shape / 20 meeting table
  • data projector, white board


  • capacity is 34 classroom /  60 theatre / 20 U-shape or meeting table
  • data projector, white board
Dipoli / kokoustila / Poli


  • 18 persons meeting table, LED display
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Contact information

[email protected]

Kati Gustafsson +358 50 501 4086
Mirka Elovaara +358 50 406 4465

Catering company in Dipoli is Fazer Food Services. Offer requests for restaurant services: [email protected], +358 40 4853 429

Dipoli info desk +358 50 511 2195
Visiting address: Otakaari 24
Postal address: Po.Box 18000, 00076 Aalto, Finland

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Aalto University Undergraduate Centre Otaniemi, image: Tuomas Uusheimo

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Further information

Further information about the campus and reserving the facilities.

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