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School of Chemical Engineering

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The School of Chemical Engineering carries out wide ranging and diverse forms of cooperation with industry. The school's most important corporate partners included Neste, UPM, Stora Enso, Valio, Fortum, Metsä Group, Outotec, Andritz and Kemira. The School of Chemical Engineering is also involved in several joint projects with the other schools of Aalto University.
Bioproduct Centre Opening
Photo: Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

The School is backed by strong cooperation with the business world: new knowledge created through research is used to reform Finnish industry and promote new forms of business. The school's corporate relations are unique even by international standards: New knowledge generated as the result of the research is being utilised in industrial reform, as well as for new businesses. Our graduates have excellent employment opportunities in a wide variety of business positions. Our research staff act as experts in a wide range of different fields.

We provide companies with contacts, networking events and opportunities for research and educational co-operation. Opportunities for cooperation in the research field extend from research projects and programmes to large scale infrastructure cooperation. In the field of education, there are opportunities to host course visits, instruct theses creation and student projects and much more.

Further information:
Petri Silenius 
Manager, Corporate Relations
[email protected] 
tel. +358 50 3441934

Corporate collaboration

Research collaboration strengthens expertise and future business development. New product and service ideas are created in study projects. Our campus offers an inspiring operating and networking environment. At Aalto's recruitment events, companies meet the top talents of the future.

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Kaksi naista tekemässä kankaisia rintamerkkejä. Kuva: Marko Oikarinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Collaboration projects:

Photo: Artistic paper sample

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center

To achieve human wellbeing in planetary boundaries, we need new sustainable solutions to wisely use our natural resources. The Bioinnovation Center especially focuses on innovations in sustainable bio-based materials, with special focus on textiles and packaging.

Image from remote site:

BATCircle consortium (external link)

BATCircle aims at improving the manufacturing processes of battery chemicals and the mining and metals industries and to increase the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Symmer seminar

ClicInnovation (external link)

Solution Architect for Global Bioeconomy and Cleantech Opportunities


Circular Design Innovation (external link)

Strategies for circular design – design out waste and innovate for longer product lifetime.

Create project logo

CREATE (external link)

CREATE aims at developing innovative Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs).

Elcorel project logo

Elcorel (external link)

Electrochemical Conversion of Renewable Electricity into Fuels and Chemicals

FinnCERES Materials Cluster


FinnCERES, competence center for materials bioeconomy, is a Flagship for our sustainable future.

InnPaper_RFID+Temperature sensor

INNPAPER (external link)

Paper is rising as a good alternative to traditional materials for electronics: it is cheap, flexible, renewable and recyclable.

Aalto University/Ioncell-F


Ioncell-F technology developed at Aalto University in collaboration with the University of Helsinki converts wood into textiles without any harmful chemicals.

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Lithium ion battery electrodes and cells, researcher Taina Rauhala, photo Valeria Azovskaya, 2017


The Next Generation Battery Materials and Concepts project will develop materials and their processing technologies for solid-state lithium batteries (SSLB) in 2021–2024.

Department of Chemistry and Materials Science
ValueBioMat logo

ValueBioMat (external link)

ValueBioMat is a project funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland.

Collaboration with other Aalto University Schools

Get to know, what happens, when chemistry meets art and design, how are we involved in creating new materials, what is a biological tailor, how can kids play with science and much more!

Joint projects:

LIBER community

The LIBER Centre of Excellence

LIBER aims to create dynamic and soft hybrid materials with a capability to learn, adapt or response to the environment. LIBER combines eight research groups with expertise on molecular self-assembly, soft robotics, surfaces and interfaces, genetic engineering of proteins, biotechnological production of engineered biomolecules, and computational modelling.

Networking at Aalto

Aalto Networking Platform

The Aalto Networking Platform brings together research expertise across departments, supporting collaboration both inside and outside of Aalto.

Aalto Junior logo

Aalto University Junior

Aalto University Junior is art, science, technology and entrepreneurship for children, young people and teachers - to support teaching, personal joy and a source of enthusiasm.

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UPM supports Aalto University's pulp research and education

High quality research enables high quality education

Biotuotekeskuksen avajaiset

Academic co-operation on the boreal forest belt launched to accelerate innovation and adoption of bio-based solutions

University of British Columbia (UBC), Aalto University and VTT are joining their strong expertise on bio-based materials by launching the Boreal Alliance. The collaboration is realized via the Finnish FinnCERES Flagship and the BioProducts Institute at UBC.

Boreal forest belt

New starts at the Kemira Boot Camp

Kemira together with the School of Chemical Engineering organized a Boot Camp for the students of Aalto University.

Kemira bootcamp 2020

Neste and Aalto University are working together to develop cleaner traffic

Research collaboration creates, for example, new types of transportation fuels with the help of bio-based materials.

Kaksi hymyilevää miestä kuvassa.

Chemistry and business students developed plant-based products with Valio

A team of two Master’s students collaborated with Valio in a 6-month Aalto Thesis project.

Two lab-coated women in a laboratory looking at pipes.

New biomaterials and their market potential are at the centre of interest in the United States

How can bio-based materials be adopted as an alternative to synthetic plastics on an industrial scale? Is it possible for environmentally friendly textile production to be profitable?

New York_June 2019

Fortum and Aalto University tighten their cooperation

3-year Memorandum of Understanding aims to promote bioeconomy and circular economy.

Aalto-yliopiston rehtori Ilkka Niemelä ja Fortumin toimitusjohtaja Pekka Lundmark allekirjoittavat aiesopimuksen yhteistyöstä 5.4.2019

Finland to lead European battery industry research into recycling - project will be led by Outotec and Aalto University

The European Commission has invited Finland to coordinate battery industry related research into recycling in Europe.

Akkututkija tekemässä tutkimusta / Kuva Nita Vera

Neste and Aalto University to begin strategic research cooperation to strengthen Finnish competitiveness

Neste and Aalto University to begin strategic research cooperation to strengthen Finnish competitiveness

Aalto-yliopiston ja Nesteen välisen aiesopimuksen allekirjoitus 10.10.2018

Aalto University and VTT launch a major innovation ecosystem aimed at doubling the value of forest industry

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland signed a collaboration agreement on the CERES flagship programme.

Aalto University President Ilkka Niemelä (left) is hoping CERES to bring solutions especially to microplastic problems. VTT President and CEO Antti Vasara is excited about biodegradable electronics.


Interested in impact at Aalto? Our unique combination of sciences and arts meeting technology and business provides a perfect platform for impact. Feel free to explore Aalto's repercussions further.

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