Sustainable dyed textile samples on a substrate

Towards bio and circular economy through bioinnovations 

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center creates and produces new knowledge and innovations that help the transition towards bio and circular economy. To achieve human wellbeing in planetary boundaries, we need new sustainable solutions to wisely use our natural resources. The Bioinnovation Center especially focuses on innovations in sustainable bio-based materials, with special focus on textiles and packaging.  


A sample of sustainable textiles

Solving sustainability challenges through interdisciplinary cooperation 

The Center creates solutions to sustainability challenges through interdisciplinary cooperation. Nobody can tackle these questions alone. We bring together highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to create new ideas and to experiment with courage and curiosity. This helps us create solutions and new product concepts by combining design, business, and technology in a sustainable way. Creating new innovations will not be enough as such - we aim to introduce new ways of thinking and communicating for the benefit of entire society.

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Colored silk fabric in a glass jar


Aalto University Bioinnovation Center is an interdisciplinary research and learning center which aims to provide Finland and the world with the most recent research knowledge in its field.

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center
Colorful origami for packaging applications


Bioinnovation Center's research focuses on sustainable textiles and packaging. Currently we have six research projects ongoing. Read more about the research projects here.

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center


Susanna Ahola, Niklas von Weymarn and Michael Hummel

Bioinnovation Center kicked off

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center has kicked off its operations and celebrated its opening in a launching event on June 1, 2022.

Nypelö and Dessbesell

Two new professor appointments at the School of Chemical Engineering

Tiina Nypelö DSc (Tech) has been appointed Associate Professor and Luana Dessbesell (PhD) has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems.

Student in chemistry lab

Striving for bioeconomy innovations and breakthrough products

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center accelerates the transition to bioeconomy and circular economy.

Give for the future

Bioinnovation Center’s research will focus on sustainable textiles and packaging

Aalto University's Bioinnovation Center has chosen 5 interdisciplinary projects to launch its doctoral school in 2022. The projects aim at innovations in the fields of sustainable textiles and packaging.

Blue Ioncell top

Pilot production line for Ioncell launched — a top made with the stronger-than-cotton ecofibre gets its colour from Finnish fields

In addition to producing the innovative textile fibre, the pilot production line will be used to develop wood-based carbon fibres.

Aalto-yliopiston logo

Aalto University Bioinnovation Centre launching

Aalto University’s Bioinnovation Centre will be established with the grant amounting over 10 million euros received from Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation. Bioinnovation Centre will start its operation in 2021 by the recruitment of a professor enabled by the grant and opening the first call for the doctoral school supported by the grant.

green wall

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted Aalto University EUR 10.5 million to establish a bioinnovation centre

The centre will accelerate the transition to a circular economy and bioeconomy, and create opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Finland.

White biomaterial network on a bright substrate

Advisory board convenes to shape the pathway of Bioinnovation Center

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center has set up an advisory board with five external experts to support and guide the center. On January 23rd, 2023, the Bioinnovation Center advisory board met at Aalto University for the first time. The experts gave insightful recommendations to the center’s collaboration with stakeholders, and to the dissemination and outreach plans.

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center


Upcoming Bioinnovation Center events

Bioinnovation Center reports

Bioinnovation Center was launched in 2021 and the actions fully kicked off in 2022. Please see the attached report of the center's actions in 2021 and 2022.

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