School of Chemical Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering

Departments and infrastructures

Our purpose is to drive sustainable chemical engineering for bio- and circular economy.

We advance sustainable solutions and breakthroughs for bio- and circular economy by scientific and engineering excellence.

  • We create internationally attractive ecosystems and excellence clusters
  • We look for answers for sustainable alternatives
  • We drive a shift to a low-carbon economy and mitigate climate change
  • We excel with our partners and collaborate.

The research at the School of Chemical Engineering focuses on forest products technologies, chemical engineering, industrial biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology, metals and minerals processing and energy technology. 

We pursue to be globally recognised on our focus areas, which are:

  1. Chemistry for energy and functional materials  
  2. Advanced lignocellulosic and bioinspired materials
  3. Chemical Engineering and metallurgical processes
  4. Biomass refining and industrial biotechnology

Learn more about the impact we make on our three departments:

 Simone Haslinger and Sherif Elsayed in the laboratory

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Enabling bio and circular economy

Researchers in the lab

Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Sustainable future with high performance products

We  promote collaboration across the fields and generate an inclusive community with an experimental culture. We provide an excellent working environment with top level infrastructure and strong industrial networks.

The School of Chemical Engineering has two research infrastructures.

Bioeconomy infrastructure enables research from molecular level to bio-based technology concepts.

Raw materials research infrastructure supports the research of circular economy targeting to closed metallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes and inorganic energy materials.

Bioeconomy and RAMI infrastructures enable our excellent research and education. By co-creation with our partners, we achieve groundbreaking innovations.

Image from the Aalto Bioproduct centre

Research infrastructure

We develop local and global networks

School of Chemical Engineering

We host several research ecosystems, excellence clusters, and learning environments. Read more!

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