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Center of Excellence in Life Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER)

The Center of Excellence in Life Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER) was launched via the Center of Excellence Programme 2022-2029 funded by Research Council of Finland. LIBER aims to create dynamic and soft hybrid materials with capability to learn, adapt or response to the environment. LIBER combines expertise on molecular self-assembly, soft robotics, surfaces and interfaces, genetic engineering of proteins, biotechnological production of engineered biomolecules, and computational modelling.

LIBER community and research groups

LIBER consortium includes eight multidisciplinary research groups from Aalto University, VTT and Tampere University. The whole LIBER community consists of over 120 researchers including almost 80% doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers all together. The groups interact via regular bi-weekly seminars to share their recent achievements, discuss ideas and initiate collaborations. In addition, annual Spring symposia will gather the whole community to hear from the top international scientists about the state-of-the-art in the field. The annual Autumn workshops will also train our researchers with the skills and expertise equipping them to carry out their research and further for their career planning. 

Read more about LIBER principal investigators and the research teams.

LIBER Activities

LIBER Seminars

LIBER Seminars

Bi-weekly internal seminars bring all the research groups together to share and discuss their latest research outputs.

LIBER social events

LIBER social events

Social events to catalyse academic collaborations.

LIBER symposiums

LIBER Symposia

Our annual symposia bring together experts from LIBER-related research areas from all around the world.

The LIBER Center of Excellence
LIBER workshops

LIBER Workshops

LIBER workshops promote internal interactions and collaborations among LIBER community.

The LIBER Center of Excellence

Doctoral Defences

LIBER COE includes almost 40% doctoral students, and there are several public doctoral dissertations each year. You can find the upcoming and past doctoral defenses on this page.

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LIBER Facilities and Equipment

LIBER takes advantage of the excellent research facilities available at Aalto, Tampere and VTT.

LIBER Facilities and Equipment
LIBER facilities and Equipment
The HYBER Center of Excellence


Liukas pinta
Press releases, Research & Art Published:

Researchers create the most water-repellent surface ever

Revised method to create hydrophobic surfaces has implications for any technology where water meets a solid surface, from optics and microfluidics to cooking
A group of several dozen people pose for a photo outside at Aalto University.
Cooperation Published:

At the frontiers of combining physics and biology: Workshop photo gallery and participant experiences

This three-day, international event included talks, poster presentations, and cross-disciplinary collaboration
Emil Stråka, photo by Linda Lehtovirta.
Studies Published:

Emil Stråka: It’s interesting to see physicists and chemists complement each other’s expertise

'It’s interesting to see how physicists and chemists can be looking at the same system, and yet arrive at very different conclusions, questions, and results. In LIBER Center of Excellence, you can see the expertise from different disciplines.'
Olli Ikkala
Awards and Recognition Published:

Professor Olli Ikkala receives Finnish Science Award

Ministry of Education and Culture grants Olli Ikkala, Aalto Distinguished Professor of applied physics, significant national acknowledgement for his interdisciplinary career in materials research

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 Prof. Markus Linder

Prof. Markus Linder

LIBER director
 Prof. Jaakko Timonen

Prof. Jaakko Timonen

LIBER vice-director
 Dr. Maryam Borghei

Dr. Maryam Borghei

LIBER coordinator
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