The LIBER Center of Excellence

Protein-DNA origami


The Center of Excellence in Life Inspired Hybrid Materials (LIBER) was launched via the Academy of Finland's Center of Excellence Programme 2022-2029.

LIBER aims to create dynamic and soft hybrid materials with capability to learn, adapt or response to the environment.

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LIBER Research Groups


LIBER consortium includes eight multidisciplinary research groups from Aalto University, VTT and Tampere University.

LIBER combines expertise on molecular self-assembly, soft robotics, surfaces and interfaces, genetic engineering of proteins, biotechnological production of engineered biomolecules, and computational modelling.

Read more about LIBER principal investigators and the research teams.

LIBER Events

LIBER Seminars

LIBER Seminars

Bi-weekly internal seminars bring all the research groups together to share and discuss their latest research outputs.

LIBER social events

LIBER social events

Social events to catalyse academic collaborations.

LIBER symposiums

LIBER Symposiums

The inaugural symposium will bring together experts from LIBER-related research areas from all around the world.


LIBER Facilities and Equipment

LIBER takes advantage of the excellent research facilities available at Aalto, Tampere and VTT.

LIBER Facilities and Equipment
LIBER facilities and Equipment
The HYBER Center of Excellence


Luonnoskuva valokuiduista. Kuva: Ville Hynninen and Nonappa.
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Sustainable optical fibres developed from methylcellulose

Researchers from Tampere University and Aalto University have developed optical fibres from methylcellulose, a commonly used cellulose derivative. The finding opens new avenues to short-distance optical fibres using sustainable and environmentally benign fibre processing. The finding was published in the journal Small
Kuva: Lasse Lecklin.
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Nanoscience expert Olli Ikkala and team part of new flagship project on biopharmaceuticals

The Academy of Finland project brings together Finland’s front-line genetic, cellular, and nanotherapy researchers, as well as clinical actors, leading companies, and third sector players.
Droplet of honey in a superhydrophobic tube
Press releases Published:

When honey flows faster than water

Physicists surprised to find that in specially coated tubes, the more viscous a liquid is, the faster it flows
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Research & Art, University Published:

Professors Markus Linder and Tapani Vuorinen invited to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

Professor of Biomolecular Materials Markus Linder and Professor of Wood Chemistry Tapani Vuorinen from the School of Chemical Engineering at Aalto University have been elected as new members of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

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 Prof. Markus Linder

Prof. Markus Linder

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Prof. Jaakko Timonen

LIBER vice-director
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Dr. Maryam Borghei

LIBER coordinator

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