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There is a shocking shortage of competent employees in many fields in Finland, so employers compete for university students not only once their graduate but also during their studies. The Aalto University School of Business attracts talented foreign students who are looking to get in touch with the world of work in Finland and who, on the other hand, offer a solution to the labour shortage.

Act now and hire an international student from the Aalto University School of Business for an internship!

Hiring an international student as an intern offers an easy and risk-free way for your company to try out international recruitment. It does not require all processes to be translated into English but provides an opportunity to see how a multilingual work community would work. Several small and medium-sized companies have already hired our international students for internships.

Why hire an international School of Business student for an internship?

  1. By hiring an international student, your company becomes more diverse and gains new, innovative perspectives that, according to research, promote the competitiveness and success of companies both in the foreign market and in an increasingly international Finland. According to a study conducted by Business Finland, increasing the share of international employees also increases the company's turnover.
  2. An international student will not only bring their competence to the company table but also knowledge of their country of origin, which can promote the development of business in new market areas, as studies have shown.
  3. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organisations and state organisations can receive a subsidy from the Aalto University School of Business for the salary costs of an international student, if necessary.

International students at the School of Business

Did you know that slightly more than 10% of our bachelor's and master's students have come from abroad to study in Finland?

How to recruit an international student from Aalto University

Aalto University has its own job portal, Aalto JobTeaser, where employers can advertise jobs, internships and thesis assignments suitable for Aalto students. We publish adverts that match the level of the university degree and the content of the study field. An internship must also be a paid position for it to the published, and the salary for a full-time internship must at least meet the work requirement of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) (including a monthly salary of at least EUR 1399 in 2024).

School of Business financial internship support

Small and medium-sized enterprises (fewer than 250 employees), non-profit organisations and state organisations in Finland can apply for a subsidy from the School of Business for the salary costs of an international student if necessary.

We provide subsidies only for paid internships in the fields of business and economics in Finland. The salary for a full-time internship must at least meet the work requirement of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) (including a monthly salary of at least EUR 1399 in 2024). The employer pays the student's salary for all internship months and invoices the School of Business for the internship subsidy after the internship period.

Internship stories

A woman wearing a big scarf is holidng a cup on her lips. Lights, buildings and people on the background.

Jinjing Zhu: Being able to tell about my skills and give examples of my past experience helped me get this position

Jinjing Zhu, a Master's student in Business Analytics, is doing an internship with OnePlus Finland.

Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen: I think the best thing about the future is that it is filled with endless possibilities

Linh Nguyen started her intership as a fresh graduate from International Business program at Aalto Mikkeli. She worked there for three months in the Marketing and Communications team of MyData Events and Services

School of Business student Karol Lukaszewski

Karol Lukaszewski: Learning is much more than finishing the courses

Karol Lukaszewski came to Finland to study Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at Aalto University. His journey in Rovio Entertainment started in May 2021 with a position of Performance Marketing Trainee. The traineeship period lasted for 4 months, but the journey continues as he was soon offered a permanent full-time Performance Marketing Specialist position.

School of Business student Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen: Prioritize quality over quantity in finding jobs

Phuong Nguyen started her marketing internship at EFLA Oy as a third-year International Business student in Häme University of Applied Sciences, and has been working there ever since. Currently she works as a Sales & Marketing Manager at EFLA Oy and is also pursuing her Master’s degree in People Management and Organizational Development at Aalto University School of Business.


Many foreign students want to stay and work in Finland

Offering an internship to international talent is a good gateway to multiculturalism in a company

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More information from Aalto University School of Business Career Services

 Milja Koski

Milja Koski

Manager, Employer Services
School of Business employer services and JobTeaser questions.
 Tanja Makkonen

Tanja Makkonen

Senior Manager, Career Services
School of Business Career Services for students and questions regarding School of Business internship subsidy.
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Services for employers at the School of Business

Through us you'll reach business students in various ways. We, for example, publish employers' job adverts, mediate recruitment messages and organize career events & fairs.

School of Business
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Aalto JobTeaser- Recruit a student

We help employers recruit Aalto University students by publishing work and internship adverts as well as thesis and project assignments in Aalto JobTeaser.

Photo: Unto Rautio

Internships - School of Business

Internships are an efficient channel for recruitment, through which employers get valuable work contribution and information on the education at Aalto University. By hiring an intern, your organisation will gain the latest industry views and fresh ideas.

School of Business
Jaakko Honko lecture 6.6.2019, a question from the audience to the keynote speaker Risto Siilasmaa

Collaborate with us

We have a long tradition of co-operation with our alumni and the corporate world. We offer multiple forms of collaboration to our alumni, companies and other organizations as well as the public sector.

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