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Aalto University School of Business students acquire significant work experience already during their studies. The School of Business offers its students the possibility to include an internship in both the bachelor’s and master’s degree.
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Internships are an efficient channel of recruitment, through which employers will get valuable work contribution and information on the education at Aalto University. By hiring an intern, your organisation will gain the latest industry views and fresh ideas. By offering internships, you will also build your positive image as a potential future employer to graduating students.

Internships are a learning opportunity for students, as it enables them to get to know various job tasks in their field under experts' supervision. It can also clarify the career planning process for students. Internship tasks should be such that students can utilize their knowledge and skills gained through their studies, as well as develop their professional and working life skills. The average length of an internship is 3-4 months.

There are many foreign degree students at Aalto University School of Business, who are also looking for internship positions. Hiring a foreign student not only brings skills and competences, but also cultural knowledge of the student’s home country to your organisation.

Employers can advertise internship, trainee program, and graduate program adverts suitable for School of Business students in Aalto JobTeaser. We recommend to read the Terms of Publishing before posting your advert.

If you want to reach also students from other Finnish universities (incl. Aalto University) with the same advert, you can post your internship offer through Aarresaari network

Foreign Degree Student’s Internship Support Program for Internships in Finland

Aalto University School of Business Foreign Degree Student’s Internship Support Program provides funding to micro, small and medium sized companies (employs fewer than 250 persons), to non-profit organizations and to state organizations in Finland for employing School of Business Foreign Degree Students in internships. Please note, this program is not available for Finnish nationals.

Employers can offer internships to students who study in Aalto University School of Business in these degree programmes. If you wish to offer an internship via this internship program, please contact Ms Tanja Makkonen from Aalto University School of Business Career Services (contact information can be found from below). Both the student and the employer must meet certain requirements concerning the internship. The program has a financial budget quota.

An internship is a valuable experience both to the student and to the employer – at best, the intern brings new perspectives and ideas to the working place. The internship offered to the student should be relevant to his/her field of study and should offer the opportunity to learn new things. The internship tasks should develop the skills and knowledge of the student and enhance the student’s working life skills and professional know-how.

An example of a successful internship.

Supported internship programme (korkeakouluharjoittelu)

Finnish state agencies and departments and non-profit organizations in Finland have an opportunity to apply for financial support to hire a trainee. We kindly ask these adverts to be sent through JobTeaser (Aalto JobTeaser or Aarresaari JobTeaser) form. Please ask more information from Ms Tanja Makkonen from Aalto University School of Business Career Services (contact information can be found from below).

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Tanja Makkonen

Tanja Makkonen

Senior Manager, Career Services

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