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Lasitekokeita rivissä, Kyllikki Salmenhaaran teos


Aalto ARTS Summer School exhibition, Circular Economy and Co-Design

Exhibition is portraying ideas on helping the shift towards circular economy, while integrating concepts such as finding scenarios and pathways towards a desired future, designing for circular systems and prototyping solutions for product design.

kolme Aalto ARTSin kesäkoulun opiskelijaa opintojen parissa.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

Annual exhibition series envisioning sustainable futures through creative concepts

Designs for a Cooler Planet logo


Hapuileva ymmärretään usein epävarmaksi. Entä jos hapuilu onkin jotain etsivää ja uteliasta, hellää ja empaattista?

samettinojatuoli, jonka takaa pilkistää hapuileva käsi. Kuva Sini Henttu.

Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.

Life 1.5 in black font and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture's exhibition's elsewhere:

Opening invitation: Transition point(s) in Vantaa Art Museum Artsi

Welcome to the exhibition opening in Vantaa Art Museum Artsi in Myyrmäki!


Past events

Take also a look at earlier exhibitions:

500 books in the visual world

Aalto ARTS Books is celebrating 500 published books with an exhibition 21.–30.5.2022.

Seinäplansseja ja kirjapöytiä näyttelytilassa.

Under Pressure UWAS course exhibition, spring 2022 (Learning Centre, Otaniemi)

Welcome to the Under Pressure UWAS course exhibition at Learning Centre Lobby opening on 1st of June 2022 at 6 pm!

Pressure system with a rock.

Exhibition: Familiar Stranger

Looking for new connections with an island of the childhood memories

Familiar Stranger Banner

Aalto University to present innovative virtual models of legendary art exhibitions

From March to May 2022, visitors can experience an innovative virtual installation of the legendary art exhibitions held at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Beyond Matter

Invisible friends – Exhibition about the benefits of bacteria

A multi-sensorial interactive exhibition about the benefits of bacteria.


Drawing with eyes closed / Programming for Visual Artists

Drawing with eyes closed exhibits generative artworks from the course Digital Art 1 - Programming for Visual Artists.

Programming for Visual Artists Poster

Users and interaction -course exhibition

Users and interaction -course exhibition

Käyttäjät ja vuorovaikutus pilvi

Exhibition: Sheung Yiu – How To See Something Where There Is Nothing

In the exhibition Yiu interweaves archival imagery, documentary photography, experimental data and artistic work, to acquaint the reader with the mathematical models that provide us the tools to 'resurrect' trees from a two-dimensional image.

Sheung Yiu

Photo art exhibition Wonder(ful)

A curated exhibition presents art works by MA students in photography at Dipoli Gallery 21.2.–31.3.2022 

Yujie Zhou tarkastelee teoksissaan perheensä naisia neljän sukupolven ajalta


Intimacy situates at the intersection of novel politicization and digital disruption of fashion.It updates our understanding of Finnish clothing and accessory design into the 2020s, exploring the intimate relationship between the body and the clothes we wear and introducing visitors to the creative design process, from initial sketches to the finished products.

Designer Leevi Ikäheimo's anatomical knitwear (2020)

Exhibition: Mediated Realities

Mediated Realities is the merging point between the explorations of different modes of interactivity and the capability to construct new ways of perceiving.

Mediated Realities

MOA in Photography 2022 – MA Thesis Exhibition

MOA in Photography exhibition assembles ideas on how to reinterpret life and connection across realities, across planes of perception, across problematics of representation, gender and social relationships.

MOA in Photography

Datemats - Designing with emerging materials and technologies

Datemats - Designing with emerging materials and technologies

Datemats exhibition

Ground Truth, or How To Resurrect a Tree by Sheung Yiu

Ground Truth is a story about ‘seeing something when there is nothing there.’

Ground Truth by Sheung Yiu

Jaettua sähköä / Spatial current - Group exhibition

Jaettua sähköä / Spatial current is a contemplating group exhibition utilizing audiovisual techniques and photography, with the works conversing on the relationship of the individual to their surroundings.

Mikael Maanittu - Spatial current

CRITICAL MAKING – Electronics for Artists + Media and the Environment Course Exhibition

The Critical Making exhibition combines artistic work, experimentations, and short essays from two courses from the Master’s Programme in New Media at Aalto University.

Critical Making

Design+Sustainability exhibition

Come explore designerly pathways to advancing sustainability, building on research data from 101 FInnish organizations.

Design and Sustainability, illustration image

MEMORANDA – Enter memory

Memoranda offers passers by the chance to enter, for a brief moment, into their own, and other people's, treasured memories.

Memoranda Info

Discourse in Design – Installation 2021

The Discourse in Design class of 2021 is excited to present its final poster installation.

Discourse in Design – Installation 2021

Loving Environments

Construction gobbles up half of the world’s natural resources. Collaboration between scientists, designers, architects, the public sector and companies generates ideas that can make living environments and the construction industry more sustainable.

Loving environments visual theme

Better to Wear

We get dressed each and every day: clothes protect us and help us express ourselves. We can dress better when we re-design the whole textile process from manufacturing to use to recycling.

Better to Wear exhibition visual

The Realm of the Senses Exhibition

Realm of the Senses Exhibition 21.03-31.03.22


The Realm of the Senses – workshop exhibition + guided tours at Aalto Ice Tank

This transdisciplinary lecture series on art and senses included short-term workshops focused on producing artworks which draw on the topic of the lecture series, and utilize unconventional spaces to exhibit the works.

The realm of senses

Exhibition news

Shimmering Wood sneaker designed by by Noora Yau & Konrad Klockars. Photo: Kalle Kataila

Your invitation to Life 1.5

Save the date/planet: Welcome to our fourth Designs for a Cooler Planet festival, 7.9–12.10.2022 in Otaniemi, Espoo.

An aerial view of the Aalto University campus at sunset/ Photo by Mika Huisman

Open Call for Energy Transition Exhibition

Aalto students and employees can submit proposals for the exhibition that opens in March 2023.

Kaiken kansan muotoilua -näyttely Designmuseossa pohtii muotoilun merkitystä tasa-arvon kannalta

Exhibition: Design creates equality

Exhibition "Design for Every Body" at Design Museum explores the importance of design from the perspective of equality.

beyond matter

'Beyond Matter – Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Virtual Reality' aims to develop novel solutions for the accessible documentation and presentation of exhibitions

Beyond Matter is an international, interdisciplinary project on the revival of past landmark exhibitions, the documentation of current exhibitions and the dissemination of documentation along with actual artworks –
both materially and immaterially present – in innovative ways.

Daniella Ginbergin työt koostuvat valokuva- ja ääniteoksista, jotka käsittelevät ihmisen olemassaolon tilaa

Visualised journeys into existence in photo art exhibition Wonder(ful)

A curated exhibition of works by MA students in photography at Dipoli Gallery 21.2.-31.3.2022. 

Leevi Ikäheimo's anatomical outfit (2020). Photo: Mika Kailes

The exhibition Intimacy featured at the Design Museum

The exhibition Intimacy opens this autumn at the Design Musem and will explore the intimate relationship between the body and the clothes we wear.


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'Puu ja Savi-Wood and Clay' course exhibition organised by Nathalie Lautenbacher. Väre Main Lobby, March 2019. Image: Eeva SuorlahtiJPG

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