Design+Sustainability exhibition

Design brings a human-centered approach to change and development - just what we need to make sustainable solutions a part of our everyday lives. Based on an Aalto University Design Factory research study of 101 organizations, Design + Sustainability takes stock of what harnessing design to tackle sustainability looks like in practice today.

The exhibition offers insights and examples of how design can advance sustainability, ranging from manufacturing to retail and consumer goods to public services. Explore bite-sized insights on what are the most common issues and tactics tackled in sustainability through design, and get inspired by examples of improving environmental, social and economical sustainability. The exhibition at the Väre main lobby has been constructed using UPM’s biobased material solutions, and features a sculpture by Erwin Laiho. In addition to the physical exhibition, you can join us for an online tour on instagram.

Design and Sustainability, illustration image

The exhibition is complemented with a Design+Sustainability results report, sharing insights on

  • the value design brings to organizations,
  • where organizations stand in terms of leveraging design, and
  • how this translates into contributions towards environmental, economical and societal sustainability.

We believe design has much to offer in creating holistic solutions to the complex issues organizations and society face, crafting a triple bottom line of value that works in practice in addition to theory. Our aim is to start a discussion on the next steps that organizations and professionals can take to shape a sustainable future. We welcome you to join the conversation!

For information, contact

  • Tua Björklund, professor of practice, Aalto University Design Factory, [email protected]
  • Anna Kuukka, art director, designer, Aalto University Design Factory, [email protected]

The event is a part of Helsinki Design Week’s official festival programme and Year of Research-Based Knowledge. Aalto University is one of the EU's New European Bauhaus partners. 

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