DIALOGUES – Creating New Textile Futures exhibition in Dipoli Gallery

The exhibition features research projects and student works related to textiles at Aalto University. The exhibition was seen in New York early November, as part of the New York Textile Month.
An illustrated book with model wearing summery outfit lays on colourful textiles surface
Nora Bremer: Everything Comes from Something

DIALOGUES presents textiles both as a medium for creativity, design, technology and innovation and as a bridge between disciplines and schools at Aalto University. The many challenges facing the textile and fashion industries are addressed in this exhibition through different perspectives and expressions, ranging from design engineering research projects to art installations.

This exhibition continues the series DIALOGUES, presenting textiles as a medium for future solutions. DIALOGUES launched in New York in November 2022 with a joint exhibition and seminar by Aalto University and Parsons – The New School.

The exhibition presents creative design work, artistic exploration, material solutions and design pedagogy demonstrating the multitude of textile work across disciplines at Aalto University. DIALOGUES – Creating New Textile Futures at Dipoli Gallery features works from Aalto schools: School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Science, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering.

‘The key to Aalto's textile education is to create a bridge between technical skills and creative design. The teaching also emphasises a comprehensive understanding of textile materials, structures, processes and systems to enable the sector to meet the challenges of sustainable development,’ says Professor of Textile Design Maarit Salolainen.

‘The world of textiles is multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary cooperation is essential if we are to achieve a sustainable future for textiles,’ Salolainen stresses.

Exhibitors: Nora Bremer, Sven Bossuyt, You-Chia Chen, Elisa Defossez, Venla Elonsalo, Francesco Furlan, Ramyah Gowrishankar, Sofía Guridi, Leonardo Hidalgo Uribe, Helmiina Hirviniemi, Yun-Jung Hsieh, Leevi Ikäheimo, Iines Jakovlev, Pia Johansson, Jarno Kettunen, Yoonsik Kim, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Josh Krute, Praejeen Kunawong, Miisa Lehto & Samu Salovaara, Anna-Mari Leppisaari, Helmi Liikanen, Mithila Mohan, Hilda Niemelä, Aino Ojala, Tuulikki Peltonen, Emmi Pouta, Maarit Salolainen, Laura Rusanen and Ulla Vahteri.

Ioncell / Lindström towel project knit: Elina Onkinen, Kasia Gorniak, Sun-powered Textiles / Moiré project: Zuzana Zmatekova, Janne Halme, Elina Ilén, BioColour / Natural Indigo project: Arttu Åfeldt, Kirsi Niinimäki, Maija Fagerlund, CHEMARTS, Wearable systems Lab: Xiao Yu, Aalto University Bioinnovation center. Aalto University research groups: Fashion/Textile Futures, Mobile Cloud Computing, Multifunctional Materials Design, Kuura/Metsä Group.

Dialogues Exhibition Team

Concept: Maarit Salolainen
Curation: Maarit Salolainen, Anna-Mari Leppisaari and Maija Fagerlund
Production: Nora Bremer
Exhibition design: Hanna Anonen
Graphic design: Aino Salonen
Dipoli Gallery Curator: Edel O’ Reilly

Exhibition Dates: 28.11.22–28.02.23
Mon-Thu: 8:00–20:00 / Fri: 8:00–18:00 / Sat-Sun: Closed
Dipoli Gallery, Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo / Aalto University

The opening reception at Dipoli Gallery from 17:00–19:00 on Monday, 28 November.
Welcome words by professors Maarit Salolainen and Kirsi Niinimäki.


See the virtual exhibition

More information:

Maarit Salolainen, professor, Aalto University, [email protected]
Edel O' Reilly, Curator, Aalto University, [email protected]

Web pages

Instagram: @aaltotextiles

Facebook: textiles.aalto

Two hands hold a green textiles surface surrounded by rich green nature all around

Aalto's strong textile expertise showcased at New York Textile Month event

DIALOGUES event in New York 2–6 November reimagines the landscape of tomorrow’s textiles and fashion

Interwoven-kirjan aukeama kreppisidoksesta.

Aalto University’s pedagogy in textiles studies relies on ‘textile thinking’

"Interwoven - Exploring Materials and Structures" by Professor Maarit Salolainen is a thorough overview of the textile design pedagogy at Aalto University

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