Open Call for Energy Transition Exhibition

This open call is open to Aalto students, staff and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition focusing on Energy Transitions at Dipoli Gallery and Online from March-June 2023.
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Open Call for Energy Transition Exhibition

Round one deadline: 12.09.22

This open call is open to Aalto students, staff and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition focusing on Energy Transitions at Dipoli Gallery and Online from March-June 2023.

This is an exhibition exploring Energy and Energy Transitions.

Energy Transition is a term which refers to the process of changing global energy production and consumption from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The global energy crisis and climate crisis are interlinked and international policy mandates from the United Nations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate report, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) including treaties such as the Paris Agreement committing to significantly lowering carbon emissions. But is this an effective enough strategy? As well as reducing carbon emissions, the entire energy system requires a radical restructuring, including how we store energy and the ecological and ethical impacts of minerals and raw materials such as cobalt and nickel in batteries. These bring with them further socio-political and socio-economic challenges. What does an effective transition to renewable energy sources require and what is the role of Hydrogen and Wind power in our energy future?

This open call is seeking proposals which engage with the topic of energy transitions and the challenges and solutions driving our response to the global energy crisis across research and industry.

We welcome proposals and expressions of interest for projects which engage with the issues of climate, sustainability and energy transition across disciplines and fields of study. This exhibition aims to highlight the role of university research in prototyping, testing and sustainable energy systems on society, environment, infrastructure, science, technology and education.

If you are preparing an event related to the theme of this exhibition between March and June 2023, please get in touch to let us know.

The final projects will be selected in October / November 2022. The Energy Transition Exhibition will be held in Dipoli Gallery, Aalto University in March 2023.

For further information contact Edel O’Reilly, Curator, Aalto Exhibitions Team, Leadership Support Services.

Share your projects

Research projects, prototypes, data sets, engineering models, novel materials, design frameworks, artworks including film and digital works which engage with this topic are welcome in these open call rounds. We are also accepting proposals for events between March-June 2023 to include in the programme.

Exhibition Location and Schedule:

Dipoli Gallery and Online from March-June 2023. While Dipoli Gallery will act as the HQ and visitor centre for the project, additional exhibition sites in Otaneimi are possible, such as Väre, Oatakaari 1 and Maarintie 8 for shorter time periods.

Round one deadline: 12.09.22

Email to [email protected] / subject line: ‘Energy Transition Open Call - Name of Applicant’

Please send the application by email as ONE SINGLE PDF attachment (not exceeding 10MB in size) which includes all supporting material as inserted images and live hyperlinks.

The application PDF should include:

  • Name and contact details
  • Work title + format
  • Work description (100 words maximum)
  • 2-5 images of the work (can be stills, renderings, screenshots, photo documentation)
  • Live hyperlinks for digital/online works (for video or audio links please use vimeo, youtube / youtube 360, soundcloud only)
  • Technical Specifications: dimensions/formats/ratio/mounts/display etc.
  • Bio (50 word maximum: should include school, department, study programme at Aalto)

Round one deadline: 12.09.22

This round will accept proposals for projects which have not yet been completed or require time and support for the development as well as more realised projects and works.

Round two deadline: 21.10.22

This round will accept proposals which have established a clear framework and are completed or have production plans for completion within a two-month period. Curatorial and communications support as well as exhibition resources are available for selected projects.

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For further information on the open call, contact the exhibition curator

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