Photo art exhibition Wonder(ful)

The art works take the viewer to many places, also unknown meta spaces in oneself.
Yujie Zhou tarkastelee teoksissaan perheensä naisia neljän sukupolven ajalta
Yujie Zhou: Greatgrandmother

Dipoli Gallery showcases a curated exhibition of photo art works by Aalto University photography MA students until the end of March.

The selection of art works at the Wonder(ful) exhibition pays attention to the idea on wonder. The photos tell a story and create questions, they make you wonder about one’s own existence in the world: Who am I? Where am I?  Where do I come from?   
The exhibition showcases six examples of artistic processes, which create a sense of (ful)lness with strong aesthetic visions. The art works dwell into the questions of existence, looking at the history of one’s own family or focusing on the view of one´s inside. 

The six students were curated from an open call to all MA graduate students in photography at Aalto University in 2022. 

Artists: Juan Couder, Daniella GrinbergElla Kiviniemi, Lyydia Osara, Miia-Mari Virtanen and Yujie Zhou.
The exhibition is curated by Outi Turpeinen, assisted by Edel O´Reilly. Graphic design by Miia-Mari Virtanen. 

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Visualised journeys into existence in photo art exhibition Wonder(ful) | Aalto University


Outi Turpeinen
Senior specialist, art & exhibitions
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