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The Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS)
Master’s thesis in Aalto University is equivalent to 30 ECTS. Aalto University sets the following formal requirements for the Master’s thesis:

(i) the topic of the thesis has to be accepted by Aalto University,

(ii) the supervisor or co-supervisor of the thesis must be a professor in Aalto University,

(iii) master’s thesis must have one or two advisors, holding minimum M.Sc. degree,

(iv) the thesis must be assessed at Aalto University.

The Master’s thesis work is typically done in collaboration with one or more industrial companies, and the advisor(s) can also be from industry. The topic, supervisor, advisor(s), and the language for the thesis are approved officially by the Degree Programme Committee. 

Master' thesis project

The master's thesis is a project that all students undertake towards the end of their studies. The purpose of this project is to solve a problem related to th field of study on a topic related to the advanced studies of the degree programme.

This project is a 30-credit (ECTS) study attainment. It consists of the thesis report as well as a maturity test, and a seminar or presentation related to the project.

Master's Thesis checklist (more information below)

  1. Find a supervising professor and agree on the topic with them. 
  2. Apply for Master’s thesis topic approval in eAge. Check the Degree Programme Committee meeting schedule
  3. Write the thesis following the instructions
  4. Agree on the presentation and the evaluation schedule of the thesis with your supervisor.
  5. After receiving the permission from your supervisor, submit the thesis in eAge. Check the Degree Programme Committee meeting schedule.
  6. Make sure that you are enrolled as an attending student and that your personal study plan is valid and approved so that you can apply for graduation.

Master’s thesis guidelines

The Master’s thesis guidelines contain general information on what the thesis is, and describe the whole process from start to approval:

More information on Master’s thesis evaluation:

Getting started with your master's thesis

Working on your master's thesis

Practical instructions on writing the thesis

The Aalto University Language Centre offers a Writing Clinic service for students to help with academic English. 

Turnitin is an aid for skillful writing and preventing plagiarism.

Word template for master's thesis in English, Finnish and Swedish for all Aalto schools.

Evaluation and approval of the master's thesis


You can apply for the approval and evaluation of the master's thesis and for the master's degree graduation at the same time if all the studies for your master's degree have been completed and registered. For more information, please see the graduation page. Please also make sure to fill out the TEK survey for New Graduates in Technology. 

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