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On this page you can find Aalto University teaching periods and other key dates

The academic year is divided into two terms: the autumn term begins annually on 1 August and ends on 31 December of that year. The spring term begins annually on 1 January and ends on 31 July of that year.

Academic year 2022–2023


Autumn term 2022

Teaching and evaluation periods Time                  Week numbers
First evaluation period; orientation 29 Aug – 4 Sep 2022 35
Period I and evaluation week 5 Sep – 23 Oct 2022 36–42
Period II and evaluation week 24 Oct – 11 Dec 2022 43–49
Second evaluation period           12 – 18 Dec 2022 50


Spring term 2023

Teaching and evaluation periods Time                  Week numbers
Period III and evaluation week 9 Jan – 26 Feb 2023 2–8

Period IV and evaluation week

Spring break 6 Apr – 12 Apr 2023

27 Feb – 23 Apr 2023 9–16

Period V: multimodal period in which diverse forms of teaching are implemented, for example:

  • Six weeks of teaching, including an evaluation of learning
  • Intensive studies of varying lengths
  • A project course, beginning as contact teaching and continuing as a summer project
  • Summer schools
24 Apr –11 Jun 2023 17–23


From the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, the start and end dates of the periods will change slightly to make it possible to hold examination periods during the autumn and winter holiday weeks and to take account of the effect of the springtime public holidays on the number of teaching dates.

The academic calendar of the Bachelor’s Program in International Business offered at the Mikkeli campus can be found here.

Application dates

Graduation dates

Aalto University graduation dates.

See your programme pages for more information on graduation. You can find all current Aalto University programmes here.

Academic year 2023–2024

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