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TECH international internship

Information on international internship and scholarship possibilities for students of technology (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI)

Application process begins by planning the internship and searching for a suitable and interesting placement. Once the placement has been confirmed you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and start the process early enough!

It is important to notice that the internship must be included in your degree at Aalto University for you to eligible for scholarship. Thus, it is very important to discuss about the internship plan with your planning officer as well. 

Internship grants

Internship grants support TECH bachelor and master students (Bachelor and master students of technology) in their professional and international development.

Aalto TECH schools admit TECH International Internship and Travel Grant, and Erasmus+ Grant.

Contact details

 Heidi Flinkman

Heidi Flinkman

CHEM international internships

Sasha Spurna

ELEC and SCI international internships
 Melina Nummi

Melina Nummi

ENG international internships

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