Programme director's handbook

Teaching and learning evaluation exercise – TEE

The target of TEE 2020 is to identify needs for future development in education at Aalto, and make visible and evaluate the achievements during the 10 Aalto years.
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TEE 2020 is part of Aalto’s evaluation continuum in which the previous more comprehensive education evaluation was conducted in 2011. The results of TEE 2020 will be taken into account in the curricula revision for 2022–2024. TEE 2020 serves as a means for supporting the strategic development of education at all degree levels.

Aalto University, TEE 2020 project path

The focus of TEE 2020 is on:

  1. Programme (portfolio) management including capability in anticipating the future of work and knowledge requirements
  2. Competence accumulation in the degree programmes
  3. Ways of implementing multidisciplinarity in education
  4. Fluency in studies

TEE 2020 links to Aalto University's new strategy for education, aiming at providing the current status of education and identifying development needs.


The operational head of the project is Heidi Rontu, the steering group of the project is Learning Steering Group (LESG) and the strategic steering is conducted by the President's Management Team. The project has also a workgroup with representatives from all six Aalto schools, a student representative and learning services support. The TEE 2020 project is bridging over to the (research) focus areas of Aalto University, identified in the  Research, Art and Impact (RAI) Assessment in 2018. The target is to bring education more closely connected to research.

The workgroup:
Aalto ARTS: Sanna Pesonen
Aalto BIZ: Riikka Leikola
Aalto CHEM: Alexander Frey/ Antti Karttunen
Aalto ELEC: Kirsti Keltikangas
Aalto ENG: Kirsi Virrantaus
Aalto SCI: Mikko Jääskeläinen
Student: Milja Leinonen
Learning Services: Noora Jaakkola, Heidi Rontu, Johanna Söderholm, Minna Söderqvist, Sara Rönkkönen

Phases and timeline

The TEE 2020 project consists of  four evaluation phases, of which the first two phases are internal, and the last two phases external. The first internal evaluation phase is programme self-evaluation which is conducted in January-May 2020. The second internal evaluation phase is programme peer review in May-September 2020, resulting in a summary of the peer review and vision for each degree programme of Aalto University. After the internal evaluation phases the evaluation exercise continues with an external stakeholder review in October 2020 and the evaluation is finalised by a remote visit of an international evaluation panel in December 2020. The panel’s visit will result in an evaluation report with development recommendations. The report of the whole TEE 2020  project with conclusions and recommendations for the development of education at Aalto University will be published at the beginning of 2021.

Support for the evaluation

For the evaluation it is recommended that the programme uses uses available background data in the evaluation, e.g. the Online Reporting Tool for Programme Management, results from the AllWell?-survey, other relevant data such as TEK and SEFE surveys. More detailed information can be found on the page programme self-evaluation.

Aalto University Teaching and Education Evaluation 2010-2011

The project report of the previous TEE Evaluation (2010-2011) Learning Together - towards enchancing the co-creation of education (.pdf, is also available as hard copy at the Learning Centre Library Services.

For more information please contact:

Petri Salmela, Vice President for Education, [email protected], +358 40 5918044 
Eija Zitting, Head of Learning Services, [email protected], +358 50 3647778

Invitation: TEE 2020 results and next steps 13 April, 2021 at 10.–11.30 am (calendar invitation), at Zoom

-    Opening (Vice President for Education)
-    TEE 2020 project and summary of the Aalto results (project head)
-    Results and next steps of the Aalto schools (Vice Deans for Education)
-    Next steps of Aalto University (Vice President for Education)
-    Questions and discussion 

TEE 2020 reports now available

The project report of the Teaching and Learning Evaluation Exercise (TEE) 2020 has been digitally published and is available at Aaltodoc:

You will find the programme self-evaluations reports and peer review summaries (pdf) from thematic pages. Stakeholder panels are also published.

Aalto University, photo Unto Rautio

Programme self-evaluation and programme vision – TEE 2020

The target of the programme self-evaluation is to conduct a critical analysis of the status of the programme and to identify best practices and potential challenges in the programme.

Programme director's handbook
two students building a robotic device photo: unto rautio / Aalto University

Peer review - TEE 2020

The internal peer review is a review of the programme self-evaluation between two programmes. The schedule of the peer evaluation is May to September 2020. The peer evaluation can be conducted digitally, if needed. The peer evaluation is supported by external facilitation. The facilitation will schedule and coordinate the evaluation, and also produce the summary of the peer evaluation.

Programme director's handbook
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Stakeholder review - TEE 2020

The stakeholder review aims at an evaluation of Aalto University current programme portfolio and visions for future.

Programme director's handbook

International review - TEE 2020

The international review is conducted as a remote visit at the university with the target of assessing Aalto’s programme portfolio and education offerings from an international perspective.

Programme director's handbook

TEE 2020 project report has been digitally published

Teaching and Learning Evaluation Exercise (TEE 2020) is part of Aalto’s evaluation continuum in which the previous more comprehensive education evaluation was conducted in 2011.

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