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The AllWell? student survey and development of teaching at Aalto University

The annually conducted AllWell? student survey gives us research-based data for planning pedagogical development. A summary of AllWell? results are distributed to Aalto programme directors and school management.
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AllWell? results as a basis for development work

AllWell? results may be used as a basis for development work aimed at improving study wellbeing and ability at the university. Teaching is an important area affecting students' wellbeing. AllWell?gives us research-based information for the development planning and implementation of teaching. The survey gauges the effect of teaching on students' wellbeing by soliciting feedback from teachers and by asking students about the consistency and their level of interest in the teaching they receive. A summary of the results are delivered to Aalto programme directors and school management.

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How can teaching affect wellbeing?

From the perspective of curriculum and teaching development, students' study wellbeing is supported by:

  1. Planning teaching so that it is in alignment and consistent at the curriculum level
  2. Cooperation, communication and peer learning between teachers
  3. Reducing student workload at the course as well as degree-structure level, and planning teaching from the perspective of the student’s learning path
  4. Providing feedback and grading methods supportive of learning

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Aalto development work based on AllWell?

Pedagogical development based on the results of AllWell? surveys is an important part of educational development at Aalto. 

See and hear the video of Aalto staff talking about what development actions were taken in their programmes based on the survey results. 

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For more information about developing teaching and wellbeing at Aalto


The AllWell? student survey

The AllWell? student survey is sent to all Aalto’s 2nd year bachelor's and 1st year master's students every year.

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Aalto University pedagogical training for faculty

Do you want to develop yourself as a teacher? Participate in Aalto pedagogical training.


HowUTeach self-assessment tool for teachers is piloted at Aalto

HowUTeach is a research based self-assessment tool created primarily for teachers. The purpose of HowUTeach is to increase teachers’ awareness of their teaching and thereby enhance individual self-reflection relating to work and wellbeing. HowUTeach is being piloted at Aalto during the academic year 2022-23.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing
Wellbeing in Teaching

Wellbeing in Teaching

Pedagogical wellbeing entails both teacher and student perspectives. These pages serve as a teachers' reference and study package for improving wellbeing in teaching and studies at Aalto.

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The principles of feedback in education and student feedback in Aalto University

In Aalto, feedback is collected from students during different phases of their studies. Hearing the voice of students is vital for the development of teaching and training as well as for quality assurance and for improving study-related services. Feedback is used on multiple levels in many ways and its utilisation is a special area of focus in Aalto. Student guilds and organisations are also interested in and benefit from feedback and surveys.


A guide to developing teaching and reviewing AllWell?data with the reporting tool Power Bi 

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