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Quality audit and accreditations

In addition to ensure the quality of different activities, audits and accreditations increase the visibility and attractiveness of the university.

An audit is an independent evaluation conducted by an external audit team. The focus of the audit is on the procedures used by the university to maintain and enhance the quality of its activities. Aalto University's quality system was audited in 2023 by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, FINEEC (Karvi). The next quality system audit is carried out in 2029.

Accreditation is the act of granting credit or recognition, especially to an educational institution that maintains suitable international standards. Accreditations are a sign of high-quality education, continuous development and international recognition. Our School of Business holds the Triple Crown status (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) which is an honour held by only a few business schools worldwide.

The target of the audit/accreditation carries out the self-assessment and data collection required for the evaluation according to instructions provided by the auditor. Based on the material obtained and site visits, the evaluation group assesses the activities and produces an evaluation report and development recommendations. The auditing or accrediting body grants a fixed-term quality label for an approved evaluation. Implementation of the development measures identified in the audits and accreditations is monitored in the University Review along with the results of other evaluations and feedback.

Aalto University participates also in various international ranking comparisons, which are used, for example, as tools for monitoring one's own positioning and strategic work.

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Quality system audit 2022/2023

to University's quality system was audited early in year 2023. The quality label is valid until May 2029.

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Accreditations and rankings

Accreditations and rankings are important ways for us to benchmark our performance and ensure that we keep up high quality and stay focused on acquiring new goals.

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Aalto University performs well in international university rankings. In subject-specific rankings, we place 8th globally in art & design and are in the top 100 in several other subjects. We have gathered information on our performance in the best-known university rankings on this page.

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