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Dealing With Feelings

Authenticity, creativity, and psychological safety go hand in hand. Authenticity - or genuineness - and creativity are strengthened if a person experiences psychological safety. When we strive for authenticity, self-knowledge is crucial.


The opportunity to be oneself - authentic, genuine - constitutes an important dimension in how satisfied a person is with their work. When we strive for authenticity, self-knowledge is crucial. It consists of the ability to recognize and handle one's own experiences and emotions. And if we manage this, our community also functions better.

Some emotions come and go. Other feelings can interfere or even be debilitating. Irritation may indicate fatigue, stress, or low blood sugar. Envy sometimes leads us to downplay the success of a colleague. We may experience climate anxiety.

But what if we recognize these emotions and use them as road signs? What if envy helps us identify our own desires? If we face our climate anxiety, perhaps we will start to act more actively for the climate.

Encountering emotions can help us understand and reshape our actions. This is emotional agency, understanding that emotions have a role in community action, and acting with consideration to emotions. Research shows that emotional agency is related to the extent to which people commit to their work and changes related to it.

Emotional agency requires psychological safety. It is reinforced with clear operating methods and requires good leadership. It is also the job of each individual. And if the community provides a psychologically safe environment, authenticity and creativity have the chance to strengthen.


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  1. Read the article Toxic Positivity for more information.

  2. Do the audio/mindfulness exercise Soften, Soothe, Allow. It helps you determine if you can let go of an emotion or if the emotion has a message that is worth listening to.

  3. Watch the short film Have a Good Day. It sheds light - in a humorous way - on how the protagonist's inability or ability can affect the people around him.

  4. Attend VOICE training. It is a course designed to encourage thoughtful and productive speaking up habits, enabling a collaborative and empowered work culture. VOICE utilizes neuroscience to significantly improve the frequency and efficacy of employees speaking up – at the right moments – in the work environment.  

Toxic Positivity - how does positivity become poisonous?

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