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Emma Saarnio ja Helmi Liikanen

Satu Lähteenoja: ‘Futures thinking and co-design are needed for advancing sustainability transformations'

In the I claim series Satu Lähteenoja shows that the transition arena method increases the understanding of systemic change among civil servants and decision-makers and helps them to think further into the future.

Dark-haired woman in dark dress standing outdoors with Otaniemi campus on a summer day

Professor Maarit Salolainen: ‘Multidisciplinary cooperation is the key to solving sustainability issues in the textile field’

Professor of Textile Design Maarit Salolainen wants to see closer cooperation not only between research in different fields but also between the university, the industry and resellers to bring about change.

Woman in red dress leans against a light wall with windows

Public defence in Design, M.Sc Satu Lähteenoja

Advancing sustainability transformations – Co-design for sustainable development policies (title of thesis)

Arrows describing future pathways reach towards the sustainable development goals.

Näytös24 was a celebration of creativity and personality

At the annual Aalto University Fashion Show, a total of seven prizes were awarded to fashion students' works. Innovation, high technical skills and sustainability were emphasised in the award criteria.

A model walking the catwalk shows off an outfit created by a fashion designer, while audience sits watching the fashion show

Natural luxury – 3D-printed wooden crystals make fashion shine

Biomaterials and 3D-printing conjure a sparkle out of wood without harming people or the environment

Wooden crystals on black surface

Smart Wearables courses teach students both design and engineering skills

Smart Wearables courses allow students to work on projects in multidisciplinary teams, generating incredibly creative projects and enabling them to learn from each other

Course work for Smart Wearables

Designs created by aaltonians on display at the Milan furniture fair

An Italian designer and a Japanese architect are presenting their collaboration, inspired by the Finnish culture, at the "Salone del Mobile" in Milan in April. Other design projects from Aalto are on display at the INTERDEPENDENCE exhibition.

Two men dressed in dark clothes sit in the middle of furniture they have designed

Spring Cleaning

A clothing exchange and workshop series organised as part of citizen engagement activities for the EU project Textile Recycling Excellence (T-REX). Co-ordinated by Associate Professor Kirsi Niinimäki and doctoral researcher Kasia Gorniak from the Fashion/Textile Futures research group, with workshops facilitated by Aalto students, staff and alumni. Workshops are free to attend but registration is necessary.

Spring Cleaning poster

Handbook introduces the world of ceramics

The Ceramics Handbook guides the reader to working with clay through texts, images, illustrations, animations, and videos.

On a table there are tools for plaster modelling

Ruusa Vuori wins ALPHA Award 2024

Aalto University students were victorious in the ALPHA competition for Nordic fashion schools.

Malli kävelee yleisön reunustamalla catwalkilla kohti kameraa

Designing a better bus experience in Helsinki

Katarina Blind, a student of product design, has designed a better bus experience for the public transport system in Helsinki and pitched it to the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority HSL

Helsinki public transport system mobile app on a phone

Kollegi collective illuminated Dutch Design Week with biodiversity lamps

The lamp installation Evolumination invited viewers to reflect on the environment and the diversity of life.

Evolumination -teos DDW:ssä. Kuva: Sami Markkula

Ceramic artwork Rule of Play delights the people of Sompasaari

Nathalie Lautenbacher's Rule of Play is one of the latest public art works in the City of Helsinki. The wall relief consists of two different sets of works placed on the exterior walls of the newly completed Sompasaari daycare centre, at eye level.

Rule of play ceramics artwork by Nathalie Lautenbacher2023 photo Naoto Niidome

Professor Marco Steinberg: ’We need to change, and we need to do it now’

Professor of Practice in Strategic and Industrial Design says that the world’s most pressing issues, like climate change, won’t be addressed by tinkering at the edges of today’s solutions but rather require a more fundamental redesign.

Professor Marco Steinberg behind his desk

Revolutionary bio-based materials took center stage at Dutch Design Week

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center participated in the prestigious Dutch Design Week (DDW) for the very first time, joined by several experimental initiatives from the Aalto ChemArts program.

Iines Jakovlevin teos. Kuva: Anne Kinnunen

Biochar is a step towards a more lush and sustainable city

Aalto University is part of the City of Helsinki’s biochar project that is looking for ways to improve carbon sequestration, create circular waste systems and make urban vegetation thrive.

Biochar on a plot of land.

Internship in Denmark: as toy designer at LEGO Group

Teamwork and a playful attitude inspired Joona Järvinen, MA student of Collaborative and Industrial Design.

Joona Järvinen LEGO Group -pääkonttorin edessä

Young Designer of the Year 2023 is fashion designer Henna Lampinen

The designer, who graduated from Aalto University's fashion MA programme, believes that fashion should be more accessible.

Vuoden nuori suunnittelija Henna Lampinen ja kaksi XL_mallia Kuva: Mortti Saarnia

Accessible MRI could revolutionise the diagnosis of brain disorders

A research team at Aalto is developing an accessible magnetic resonance imaging machine

Liikuteltavan magneettikuvauslaitteen prototyyppi.

”Butter Churner” won the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Concept Award

Aalto ARTS student Anurag Sarda’s master’s thesis project (CoID) was inspired by the Indian traditional culinary technique of butter making.

Anurag Sarda’s master’s thesis project Butter Churner

Team of Interior Architecture and Contemporary Design students won the Habitare Design competition 2023

The Habitare Design Competition is intended for students studying art, design, and architecture in Finland. This year ‘s theme of the competition was “Tools for togetherness”, which required the teams to design and implement new types of tools to promote togetherness and interaction on a human scale or more widely.

Lennart Engels, Karolin Kull, Ágnes László, Julia Postrzech and Valenti Soler won the Habitare Design competition 2023.

Annukka Svanda: It's important to challenge yourself to do hard things

'I believe that those of us who can and are capable have a duty to work to make the world a little better place all the time. For example, we can try to improve the situation of those who are not so well off.'

Annukka Svanda, photo by Linda Lehtovirta

Education collaboration generates new ideas for using design

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture has a long tradition of working together with companies to solve challenges of many kind. Last spring, design students designed concrete speaker models for audio equipment manufacturer Genelec.

Henkilö makaa lattialla pää betonista tehdyn kuvun sisällä, kuvussa on lukuisia johtoja

Emīlija Veselova: ‘We should consider nature as stakeholder in design process’

In our I Claim series Emīlija Veselova talks about how climate change challenges design approach and its human-centered approaches.

Nainen tummassa puvussa väitöstilaisuudessa luentosalin edessä

Erika Renedo Illarregi: I love being a design researcher and navigating a variety of emotional landscapes

'I came with a lot of energy and a lot of willingness to do different things and integrate, but also, the winter was coming. Even though I like new experiences, it was not always easy to arrive in the moment when every day was a little bit darker.'

Erika Renedo Illaregi, photo by Linda Lehtovirta

Sofia Guridi is designing a better world with smart textiles

Sofia Guridi, a doctoral student at Aalto University’s Bioinnovation Center, wants to introduce bio-based smart textiles that help improve people’s everyday life.

Sofia Guridi pictured in a lab setting.

Empathy in design and digitalisation – Aalto University researchers hold workshops for students at Arabia Comprehensive School

Aalto University researchers organised workshops for seventh graders, whose creative thinking skills were put to the test in designing future information services

A teacher and two researchers smiling and sorting through paper presentations in a classroom

Ruusa Vuori wins the Näytös23 Award with her delicate collection

Aalto University's Fashion Show on Friday 26 May displayed collections by Bachelor's and Master's students.

The winning collection by Ruusa Vuori at Aalto University's fashion show Näytös23, a model walking on the catwalk

Aalto University's fashion show Näytös23 challenges norms and highlights non-discrimination in fashion

Aalto University's student fashion show Näytös23 will take place on the Otaniemi campus on Friday 26 May at 20:00. You can follow the invitation-only event on Instagram @aalto_fashion

Yleisöä Aalto-yliopiston Naytos18 -tapahtumassa kuva Mikko Raskinen

Kaisu Savola: ‘The 1960s and 1970s saw a change in the values of Finnish design’

I claim series presents Kaisu Savola, who explores a generation of design students and design professionals in Finland, in the 1960s and 1970s, as they became aware of the two contradictory faces of design.

Design historian Kaisu Savola, photo by Sanna Lehto

Camilla Andersson: ‘Discriminatory norms in society can be renegotiated through design’

I claim series presents researchers and their recent dissertations at School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Kuvassa on silmälasipäinen vaaleahiuksinen nainen, jolla on huulipunaa ja vaalea pusero

Professor İdil Gaziulusoy: ‘Our future visions are not ambitious enough’

Presenting the new professors: Professor in sustainable design İdil Gaziulusoy

Idil Gaziulusoy

The Textile Artist of the Year is Laura Isoniemi

The Textile Artist of the Year award is the most prestigious textile art award in Finland.

Vaaleatukkainen nainen katsoo suoraan kameraan ja hymyilee, hänen edessään on tiheä vihreä kasviviidakko

Fashion design graduate Tuuli-Tytti Koivula wins Alpha Award23

Fashion design graduate Tuuli-Tytti Koivula from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland won the top prize at this season's Alpha show 31 January, 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fluffy, colourful design by fashion design graduate Tuuli-Tytti Koivula, Aalto University

The CreaTures research project highlights how creative practices can contribute to the sustainability agenda

The newly published CreaTures Co-Laboratory Catalogue offers an overview of experiences, insights and outcomes that emerged from 20 experimental artistic productions developed within the CreaTures project in 2020 – 2022.

CreaTures logo

Professor Mikko Jalas: ‘We must be able to imagine the impossible to find new perspectives’

New professors: Mikko Jalas has been appointed as Associate Professor (tenured) in the field of Co-innovating for Circular Solutions from July 2022.

Huppupäinen mies purjeveneessä katsoo eteenpäin, sää on tuulinen

The state prize for design awarded to professor, textile artist Kirsi Niinimäki

Kirsi Niinimäki has dedicated her career to studying the environmental impact of the textile industry and fast fashion and to finding solutions to the problems it causes.

Kirsi Niinimaki Photo Kukka Maria Rosenlund

DIALOGUES – Creating New Textile Futures exhibition in Dipoli Gallery

The exhibition features research projects and student works related to textiles at Aalto University.

An illustrated book with model wearing summery outfit lays on colourful textiles surface

What will we be wearing in the future?

Aalto University has been invited to showcase its sustainable textile and fashion solutions at the European Parliament in Brussels.

A hand holding green purse on top of a green dress

New T-REX Project launches to drive closed-loop sorting and recycling of household textile waste across the EU

Aalto University is part of a consortium that has launched an innovative European Union (EU) funded project to create a circular system for post-consumer textile waste.

Textile waste. Photo: Shutterstock

Aalto's strong textile expertise showcased at New York Textile Month event

DIALOGUES event in New York 2–6 November reimagines the landscape of tomorrow’s textiles and fashion

Two hands hold a green textiles surface surrounded by rich green nature all around

Aalto University’s pedagogy in textiles studies relies on ‘textile thinking’

"Interwoven - Exploring Materials and Structures" by Professor Maarit Salolainen is a thorough overview of the textile design pedagogy at Aalto University

Interwoven-kirjan aukeama kreppisidoksesta.

Natalia Särmäkari: ‘Digital fashion is changing the ideals of designership’

Särmäkari explores how the role of the fashion designer is changing with the digital fashion boom

Tummatukkainen nainen hymyilee, taustalla taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun tiloja

Jenny Hytönen wins the Hyères International Fashion Competition

In addition to the main prize the unisex collection won also the audience prize

Jenny Hytonen's fashion collection with black leather and spikes

Lab-grown pigments and food by-products: The future of natural textile dyes

As the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries becomes clearer, the demand and need for sustainable alternatives is growing. One international research group aims to replace toxic synthetic dyes with natural alternatives, ranging from plants to microbes to food waste.

Woman touching a long-sleeved Marimekko Unikko shirt on display

Five things to see at Designs for a Cooler Planet: Evolving colours, wood glitter and garments with a history

Open until 12 October 2022, Designs for a Cooler Planet is an annual exhibit showcasing bold designs that approach sustainability from avenues including fashion, food and materials.

Three mannequins displaying garments designed by Elina Onkinen and Kasia Gorniak. Photo: Mikko Raskinen/Aalto University

Professor Julia Valle Noronha: ‘Fashion can be a major force in change’

Meet our new professors: Professor in Fashion Design, Julia Valle Noronha

Professor in Fashion Design Julia Valle Noronha_Aalto ARTS

Interwoven dives into textile design and weaving

Interwoven is a joyoys exploration into woven textile design with almost 500 pages and over 1500 photographs.

Interwoven-kirjan harmaansävyinen kansi, jossa on kuparilankainen kudos.

An eco-filling to replace down

A hundred years ago, cattail fluff was used as life vest filling – now a Finnish company wants the eco-friendly material for pillows and winter coats.

Höytyvällä täytetty tyyny ja naisen käsi sen vieressä.

What is the future of digital textile printing? 

Technological developments are opening up new possibilities for textile printing.

Erilaisia värikkäitä digitaalisesti tulostettuja tekstiilikuoseja lomittain vaalealla tasolla

Fashion designer, photographer and band join forces to create a magical summer utopia

Fashion designer Justus Kantakoski and photographer Mortti Saarnia, were nominated for an EMMA Award this year for a music video for Suistamon Sähkö.

four band members posing on a small stage in colourful and shiny clothes

PatternLab set an all-time sales record

The pattern design project's latest sales mark the highest sales record in history. The course with a strong brand will also be renewed.

PatternLab2022-kurssi myi ennätykselliset 92 kuosia

Designer Lincoln Kayiwa wants to create heirlooms

Finland seemed a bit like destiny for this Ugandan-born entrepreneur and Aalto alumnus.

Muotoilija Lincoln Kayiwa työhuoneensa ovella

Exhibition: Design creates equality

Exhibition "Design for Every Body" at Design Museum explores the importance of design from the perspective of equality.

Kaiken kansan muotoilua -näyttely Designmuseossa pohtii muotoilun merkitystä tasa-arvon kannalta

Aalto fashion graduate Boram Yoo wins Designers' Nest Award

Also BA fashion student Leevi Ikäheimo wins a prize at the fashion competition 2022.

Aalto fashion design student Boram Yoo is the Designers' Nest Award winner 2022

’It is important to identify and bring together the accumulated user knowledge'

In our series ‘I claim’, Kaisa Savolainen talks about the utilization of customer information in organizations.

Mina vaitan_sarja_ARTS_Kaisa_Savolainen_kuva_Jaana Monone

Sun-powered Textiles - Textile solar cell modules for energy harvesting in wearables

The research results of the Sun-powered Textiles project will be presented

Solar cells and textiles to be combined for energy harvesting in textile wearables

Idaliina Friman is the Young Designer of the Year 2021

The winning collection was created from recycled and surplus materials.

Idaliina_Friman_Vuoden nuori suunnittelija 2021_1_kuva_Sofia Okkonen

They changed Finnish fashion in the 2020’s

”Intimacy” exhibition at Helsinki Designmuseum presents 40 designers and companies at the intersection of novel politicization and digital disruption of fashion.

Leevi Ikäheimo's anatomical outfit (2020). Photo: Mika Kailes

Idaliina Friman is the winner of the Designers’ Nest competition

The visually impressive collection made versatile use of recycled material.

Muotinäytöksen malleja kävelee kohti kameraa muhkeissa vaaleanharmaan ja sinisen sävyisissä asuissa

Towards interfaces that distinguish user’s visual attention

Dissertation of the Month: What if interfaces we use are able to distinguish whether we are looking at them or not, and change their behavior accordingly?

taidemaalauksesta poimittu yksityiskohta ihmisen silmästä on rajattu ympyräksi oranssilla pohjalla

Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design student Elisa Defossez won the Materials Innovation prize at at NextGen Awards Première Vision

Elisa Defossez entered the competition with her Master’s Thesis Project Nukumori – Surfaces of coziness.

NUKUMORI textile collection by Elisa Defossez

Young Designer of the Year 2020 Ervin Latimer wants to highlight minorities

Latimer’s winning work draws on drag culture. Outfits play with the sexes and are adaptable.

vaatemallit seisovat metsän keskellä ja katsovat kameraan

A sculpture or a garment? Designers’ Nest Exhibition Prize winner Amina Saada’s concept exhibited in Denmark

Amina Saada’s work Red Bride is now featured in the exhibition Absent Bodies at Designmuseum Danmark.

Amina Saada, Red Bride, Designers Nest. Photo Alexander Höllsberg

The story of a fabric

Matilda Palmu, who will graduate from the Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design master's programme in autumn 2020, describes her artistic process.

Matilda Palmu's Exhibition poster

Winning service concept to bring better healthcare for Roma people

Team No Pressure from Aalto University won 2nd place at the international Student Service Design Challenge 2020.

Student Service Design Challenge 2020 -kilpailussa toiseksi sijoittunut Aallon opiskelijaryhmä hymyilee kuvassa

Designs for a Cooler Planet: ‘The Race’ theme calls for action

Collaboration between designers, researchers and stakeholders can lead to better solutions for society and the environment.

Väreen aulaan on pystytetty näyttely, jonka rakenteiden alla voi kulkea: kattorakenteesta roikkuu kasveja ja julisteita

Cumulus GREEN 2020 competition sought for solutions on sustainability and circular economy

Amongst the honourable mentions is the Oryza Collective by Talisa Dwiyani and Alexia Venot.

kuvassa on erilaisia kokeiluja riisijätteestä: kasoja, nippuja, tilkkuja, kankaita ja ruukku,

The CHEMARTS Cookbook

Inspiration for Material Enthusiasts

CHEMARTS Cookbook for material enthusiasts. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

A smart jumpsuit provides information on infants’ movement and development

A new innovation by University of Helsinki and Aalto University makes it possible, for the first time, to quantitatively assess children’s spontaneous movement in the natural environment.

lapsi älypotkupuvussa kuva: sampsa vanhatalo / helsingin yliopisto

Aalto University’s fashion and textile know-how acknowledged in Finland and internationally

Aalto takes home two prizes at the Fashion Finland Gala and ranks third at CEO World Magazine fashion school listing

Näytös19. Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Research project CreaTures seeks to further the sustainability agenda with creativity

The transdisciplinary project highlights how the arts can contribute to addressing climate change and associated effects. The project aims at demonstrating effective paths to achieving sustainability, social cohesion and peaceful co-existence at a time of rapid change.

people sitting on sofas with laptops

Students develop tools for Helsinki to evaluate the impact of design

Aalto University’s Department of Design and the City of Helsinki initiated collaboration last spring to evaluate the impact of the City's design activities. The evaluation represents the first extensive survey of the City’s design projects and the benefits and challenges of those projects.

Strategid Co-Design -kurssin opiskelijat tekivät ratkaisuehdotuksia Helsingin kaupungin muotoilutoiminnan vaikuttavuuden arvioimiseksi.

Small tech companies meet summer design school: reveals a great potential for customer-driven success stories

Companies around the world use design to grow their business. The three-year research project looks for ways to speed up the transformation of small businesses to become more design-driven. The first year has already given great results.

Design students Christopher Gros and Molly Balcom Raleigh worked on a brand refresh at Tume, and and studied how farmers express the pride in their work.

Internship in Japan: Working as an Industrial Designer at Mitsubishi Electric

Janne Pärssinen, a master student in Industrial Design, is delighted he had influence on the projects as an intern.

Janne Pärssinen seisoo Mitsubishi Electronicin rakennuksen edessä Japanissa.

Pattern Lab 20 designers present new collection in Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt 7–10 January

Pattern Lab has an impressive history of more than twenty years of selling successful designs to Scandinavian and international markets. A number of today’s top textile designers in Finland are Pattern Lab alumni.

project group with men and women in black and white

In search of more sustainable innovation and design

Industrial designer, Academy Fellow Researcher Andrea Botero Cabrera is interested in unconventional spaces where innovation and collaboration happen, that are not recognized as such.

Andrea Botero Cabrera, kuva: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Aalto University presents six concepts on renewable biomaterials at Dutch Design Week

CHEMARTS exhibition showcases fascinating recyclable prototypes which are toxic-free, recyclable and don't release micro-plastics.

Shimmering Wood-based Structural Colour by Noora Yau. Photo Eeva Suorlahti

Aalto University’s fashion studies are enhanced by a strong expertise in textiles

Combining artistic and technical design expertise in teaching is a unique concept worldwide.

Leonardo Hidalgo Uribe: Stories from cold and warm lands

Breaking the chain of vulnerability

How empathy, close listening and design thinking enable Claudia Garduño and the AaltoLAB Mexico to find the most urgent problems in an indigenous community.

Kuva: Sanna Lehto

Aalto University fashion students to reveal their sustainable visions for the future

From recycled materials to Ioncell fabric, Aalto fashion design will light up the Fashion Meets Sustainability event in Paris

Semi Ilmonen Lampinen Aalto University

Fireworks filled the catwalk in Näytös19

Ines Kalliala won the Näytös19 Award. In the Aalto fashion students’ fashion show also Alexander Luonto, Justus Kantakoski and working group Elina Heilanen, Aleksandra Hellberg, Camilla Naukkarinen and Noora Vihervirta were awarded.

Näytös19. Kuva: Guillaume Roujas

Master's degree student in fashion Emilia Kuurila designed formal wear for Espoo’s female bishop

Kaisamari Hintikka was ordained as a bishop on 10 February at the Espoo Cathedral wearing elegant and modern bishop’s clothing.

Espoon uuden piispan virka-asun on suunnitellut muodin maisteriopiskelija Emilia Kuurila. kuva: Markku Pihlaja

Maria Punkkinen succeeded in the Future Lights in Ceramics competition

Contemporary Design master student Maria Punkkinen is one of the six winners in the European ceramics competition. The theme of the competition was Go Green - Ceramics and the Environment.

Photo: Noora Karjalainen

Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future exhibition in Ljubljana

The touring exhibition will open in its sixth venue in Ljubljana next week.

Saija Halko, Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä and Tuuli Saarelainen: Spirit of the place, 2016. Photo by Chikako Harada.
Liturgical textiles photo by eevasuorlahti.jpg

The New Children’s Hospital’s new liturgical textiles represent a modern take on an ancient art form

The liturgical textiles of the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki were created as a master’s thesis by Terhi Laine,at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and were woven by Lapuan Kankurit.

Emma Saarnio ja Helmi Liikanen

Jenni Haukio’s Independence Day gown sets the stage for Finland’s next 100 years

Designed by Aalto students Emma Saarnio and Helmi Liikanen, the dress evokes nature with exquisite materiality and minimalist lines


Environmental issues get form by ceramic art

Finnish ceramic artists visualise land contamination in Venice research pavilion.

Henna Lampinen, BA graduate collection

Näytös18, Henna Lampinen, BA graduate collection

Näytös18, Henna Lampinen, BA graduate collection, photo Guillaume Roujas

Department of Design
Tekstiili näyttely Kaapelitehtaalla


Tekstiili18 exhibition showcased the versatility and artistry of textile design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Department of Design
Series Things I Saw, Maria Punkkinen

24 VASES in 24 DAYS

Design students produced a unique collection of ceramic vases for Aalto University Executive Education.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, PatternLab18


Patternlab aims to create a broad, professional pattern collection. The year long project gives students the possibility to design and coordinate patterns for different purposes.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, NAKUNA


The NAKUNA exhibition brought experimental design by Aalto University students to the Milan Design Week. Photo Valentina Caselini.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Lontoossa avattu suomalainen sauna

Finnish sauna

Students designed a rooftop sauna in the centre of London.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Näytös


Näytös is an annual fashion show for students majoring in fashion and the Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design Degree Programme.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, PatternLab 17

PatternLab 17

Pattern Lab is annually recurring textile and surface design project at Aalto ARTS.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, kuva: IKEA Suomi

Fotoni light installation

For the Lux Helsinki light festival.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Cumulus konferenssi: Bang Jeon Leen esitys

Cumulus conference

Cumulus conference at the Hong Kong Institute. Bang Jeon Lee's presentation Learning in Role Playing.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, kuva: Eeva Suorlahti

Print and textile design

A design project held for a second time brought H&M designers to guide students in producing print and textile collections.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Näytös


Näytös is an annual fashion show for students majoring in fashion.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Kivi – Erin Turkoglu. Kuvaaja: Chikako Harada.


Kivi, Erin Turkoglu.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Biomuovi, Hala Menassa ja Hélène Lacombe


Bioplastic, Hala Menassa and Hélène Lacombe.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Näytös16. Kuvaaja: Mikko Raskinen.


Näytös is an annual fashion show for students majoring in fashion.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Luomo-näyttely. Aava-valaisin, design: Laura Väre.


Aava lamp, Laura Väre.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Youth Fashion Summit

Youth Fashion Summit

Kööpenhamina, Kuvaaja, Gianluca Mazzarolo.

Muotoilun laitos
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Rautatietorin valaistussuunnitelma Iina-Karoliina Välilä

Railway Square lighting

Railway Square lighting plan Iina-Karoliina Välilä.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab esittelee mallistonsa.

Muotoilun laitos
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Food and Place 2015. Kuva: Chikako Harada.

Food and Place 2015

Photo, Chikako Harada.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Pasilan silta, Liang Yingjie 2015.

Pasila bridge

Pasila bridge, Liang Yingjie 2015.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Kangaskokoelma: Lotta Paananen, Lodetex-palkinto 2015. Kuva: Eeva Suorlahti.


Black lipstick bad meets cotton candy good, Lotta Paananen 2015.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Superstore. Kuvaaja: Toby Humphrey.


The Superstore exhibition showcases experimental works by young designers at the Galleria Esplanad.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Näytös15. Kuvaaja: Mikko Raskinen.


Näytös15 is an annual fashion show for students majoring in fashion.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Taipuva tuoli, Joel Klemetti 2015. Kuva: Ville Lahtinen.

Taipuva chair

Taipuva chair, Joel Klemetti 2015. Photo Ville Lahtinen.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Exploring materials and woven structures. Swatch by Riikka Buri. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti.

Exploring materials and woven structures

Exploring materials and woven structures. Swatch by Riikka Buri. Photo Eeva Suorlahti.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Aeon Lines -pöytä, Man Yau, 2014. Kuva: Anna Niskanen.

Aeon Lines

Aeon Lines desk, Man Yau, 2014. Photo Anna Niskanen.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, harjoitustyön tekijät ovat Caius Verhe, Maija Jantunen, Iida Nylund ja Anna-Kaisa Laitinen.

Asuinkerrostalon aula

Product and Spatial Design -pääaineen opiskelijat laativat ehdotuksia Ruoholahteen rakennettavan asuinkerrostalon aulaan osana Helsingin kaupungin järjestämää ”Kehittyvä kerrostalo”- hanketta. Kuvan harjoitustyön tekijät ovat Caius Verhe, Maija Jantunen, Iida Nylund ja Anna-Kaisa Laitinen.

Muotoilun laitos
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, harjoitustyön suunnittelijoina: Natalia Baczynska Kimberley, Nina Kosonen ja Matti Mikkilä.

Exhibition pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair

The Finnish exhibition pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the autumn of 2014 was implemented as a training project for students majoring in Product and Spatial Design. The designers were Natalia Baczynska Kimberley, Nina Kosonen and Matti Mikkilä.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, system: Petteri Heinonen.

Independent Control Aerial Robotic Utility System

ICARUS, Independent Control Aerial Robotic Utility System, Petteri Heinonen 2014.

Muotoilun laitos
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, Fashion Show, Näytös14. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen.


Fashion Show, Näytös14. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

Department of Design
Aalto-yliopisto Muotoilun laitos, From Birch to Catwalk - The Journey of Ioncell Fiber. Video: Mikko Raskinen.

From Birch to Catwalk

The Journey of Ioncell Fiber.

Department of Design
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