Näytös24 was a celebration of creativity and personality

At the annual Aalto University Fashion Show, a total of seven prizes were awarded to fashion students' works. Innovation, high technical skills and sustainability were emphasised in the award criteria.
A model walking the catwalk shows off an outfit created by a fashion designer, while audience sits watching the fashion show
Näytös24 Award winner Petra Lehtinen's collection. Photo: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

The Näytös24 Award was awarded to Petra Lehtinen, a master's student who, as part of her thesis, conducted research on what kind of clothes people keep in their wardrobes without using them. The collection uses clothes from friends' wardrobes.

According to the jury, Lehtinen's collection demonstrates a thoughtful approach to sustainability and contemporary consumption: it is a reminder to think more carefully about the lifespan of our garments.

The winner of the Award was selected by an international jury consisting of Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Director of Alpha, Finnish designer Antti Keikki, Belgian jewellery and accessories designer Stephanie D'heygere and visual consultant Annabel Fernandes.

A total of seven prizes were awarded at the event. Lauri Greis received both the Fiskars and Konstsamfundet awards for his collection.

The fashion show for students of the fashion major featured a total of 29 bachelor's and master's degree students' collections and awarded prizes for successful student work. The event took place at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo on Thursday evening 30 May.

The award partners were the City of Espoo, Marimekko, Fiskars, Konstsamfundet and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA. 

The Awards

City of Espoo Award: Minerva Skyttä

‘The jury felt that the winning collection's theme was clearly and comprehensibly conveyed in the collection and its choice of materials. The complex and interestingly combined techniques of the collection also appealed to the jury. Above all, the winning collection is a coherent whole, which the jury found inspiring: the creativity of the winner will attract the jury members to study and follow fashion’, said mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

The City of Espoo is the main partner of the Näytös24 & Näyttely24 fashion event. This year, the city brought together a youth jury of 16–20 year olds from across Espoo to decide on the winner. The jury members were introduced to the world of fashion by internationally successful fashion designer and Aalto alumnus Ervin Latimer

Jury: Akseli RakkolaEmilia HänninenOtso PöntysSofia GarmashYandi Koka ja Aapu Prokki 

Marimekko Award: Jere Vilo

‘When we saw the winning collection for the first time, we knew that we had something truly special on our hands. The collection ticks all the boxes with flying colours: It is at once conceptually strong, demonstrates extreme knowledge of materials and printmaking, shows maturity and celebrates the more joyful side of fashion. It is at once humorous yet also carries depth, as showcased by the disciplined use of colour and material’, said Marimekko’s Head Designer Satu Maaranen.

‘The patterns presented in the collection are as classic as they are fresh. It takes something that is truly Finnish, and transforms it into ideas that will stand on their own on the biggest international stages. The winner of the Marimekko Prize in 2024 has showcased something that is a rare feat: A brilliant idea followed by an impressive execution and presented beautifully in a deliciously crafted package, much like a tasty hot dog.’

Jury: Satu Maaranen, Head Designer, Emmakaisa Kirves, Design Director of Ready-to-Wear and Bags & Accessories 

Fiskars Award: Lauri Greis

‘We're delighted to be here. Aalto continues to push the boundaries, surprising and challenging us. In these showcases fashion is celebrated as a form of exploration, a way of unearthing currents that are not yet articulated into mass production’, said Vesa Kemppainen, Art Director at Fiskars.

‘In the winning collection, we appreciate the way functionality is made beautiful. The garments draw inspiration from aesthetics usually associated with nationalism and romanticism, and create something that feels timely, relevant and new. And everything is executed with mad skills!’

Jury: Petteri Masalin, Chief Design Officer, Vesa Kemppainen, Art Director, Noora Hostikka, PR Director 

Konstsamfundet Award: Lauri Greis 

Also the Konstsamfundet Award, awarded for the first time this year, went to Lauri Greis for his collection Karelian Sportlore.

‘Lauri Greis’s work is a very confident synthesis of contemporary and folkloric visual worlds, identities and traditions. It is a rare designer who can handle such a broad field of interest, loaded with political and identitarian interpretations. Lauri joins together very different craft and cultural traditions in a strong collection with a visuality that feels subversive, serious and relevant. We are aware of the fact that this means that Lauri gets two awards, but as he was the favourite of all three jurors, we decided that he has to be our winner’, says Cilla Lönnqvist, Board Member, Board of Directors at Amos Rex museum.

Jury: Cilla Lönnqvist and Leif Jakobsson, Board Members, Board of Directors at Amos Rex museum, Kieran Long, Museum Director at Amos Rex 

EMMA Award by EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art: Enni Lähderinne

‘Our jury was impressed by Lähderinne's technically skilful collection, which is like a complete work of art. At EMMA, we believe in the ability of art and design to influence people and society. Lähderinne challenges modern society's idealised concept of the body and designs for the experiential, personal and embodied dimensions of dressing. In this way, Lähderinne's work takes the field forward’, said Museum Director Pilvi Kalhama.

Jury: Pilvi Kalhama, Reetta Kalajo, Salla Engstrom, Iris Suomi, Saara Suojoki 

Näyttely24 Award: Venla Elonsalo

Venla Elonsalo is the winner of the Näyttely24 Award, which was awarded for the first time this year. The jury praised her work for its innovative textile design that combines art and functionality. According to the jury, the work is characterised by high technical skills, which heads the way forward for future garment making.

This year, the fashion event was expanded into two parts: the traditional fashion show was accompanied by Näyttely (an Exhibition), which showcases the fashion designers' collections alongside the research behind them.

Näytös24 Award: Petra Lehtinen

The Näytös24 prize was awarded to Petra Lehtinen, a master's student for her collection called Av yv. According to the jury, Lehtinen's collection demonstrates a thoughtful approach to sustainability and modern consumption. The collection is a reminder to think more carefully about the life cycle of clothes.

Awarded collections

    Hot dog-inspired collection on display at the Aalto University Fashion Show 2024

    Collection by Jere Vilo

    Model walks the catwalk in a light-coloured dress with a suitcase on her back

    Collection by Minerva Skyttä

    Model walks the catwalk in red outfit and red headpiece

    Collection by Lauri Greis

    Models and fashion designers walking on the catwalk

    Collection by Enni Lähdenrinne

    Participating students in Näytös24: 

    BA students: Apollo da Costa Dória, Eetu Saarentausta & Eemil Halme, Lauri Greis, Mette Wik, Nana Lybeck, Nhung Huynh, C.B., Rasmus Palmunen, Riikka Kiili 

    MA students: Ema Uršič, Enni Lähderinne, Iris Kareoja, Jere Vilo, Johannes Ahlfors, Joona Hakala, Yu-Chen Lin, Minerva Skyttä, Neža Simčič, Petra Lehtinen, Saimi Parikka, Sini-Pilvi Kiilunen

    This year, the fashion event was expanded into a two-part show: the traditional runway event Näytös was joined by a new event, an exhibition called Näyttely, showcasing the also the research behind the fashion designers' collections. After the fashion show, outfits from the award-winning collections can be seen in the Exhibition.

    Participating students in Näyttely24:

    BA students: Juhana Antila, Julia Puustinen, Pii Wahlroos

    MA students: Colin Meyer, Eeva Sundell, Tiina Nissilä, Vanamo Korell, Venla Elonsalo

    Outfits from the award-winning collections will be on display at the Näyttely exhibition after the fashion show.

    Näyttely24 is open to the public from 31 May to 8 June 2024. The exhibition is located at Otaniemi Campus, Otakaari 5 L, Espoo. Free admission. Opening hours: Fri 31 May 12-18, Sat 1 June 12-18, Sun 2 June CLOSED, Mon 3 June 12-18, Tue 4 June 12-18, Wed 5 June 12-18, Thu 6 June 12-18, Fri 7 June 12-18, Sat 8 June 12-18

    Other fashion week events

    The Näytös fashion show and Näyttely exhibition are amongst the most important fashion events in Finland and part of the wider Fashion in Helsinki 28.5.-2.6.2024. Join and see the events!

    Aalto Fashion Collaborative Projects, presenting second-year bachelor students’ collaborative projects, is on display until 2 June 2024 in the first floor of Kämp Gallery, Helsinki city centre. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat 11-18, Sun 12-16

    Uskalla! / Dare! seminar brings together talented young designers, potential domestic fashion employers and investors at WeeGee house on Tuesday 4 June 2024. 

    Contact information:

    Ilona Hyötyläinen, Lecturer, Head of BA Fashion design major, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, tel. +358 50 3030530, [email protected]

    Follow Aalto Fashionia:

    Instagram: @aalto_fashion

    Linkedin: Aalto Fashion

    Näytös image. Two sets of legs and shoes in a sepia coloured image.

    Aalto University's fashion event Näytös expands into an exhibition

    Aalto University's annual fashion event is expanding this year into a two-part show. The traditional runway event Näytös will be joined by a new event, an exhibition called Näyttely.

    Aalto Fashion / Näytös24, invitation

    Näytös24 & Näyttely24 (external link)

    We warmly welcome you to follow the stream from Aalto Fashion students' graduate show Näytös24 and exhibition Näyttely24.

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