Corporate collaboration

Examples of research collaboration with companies

Here you can find various news articles about how Aalto University's researchers collaborate with corporate partners. The possibilities for research collaboration extend from single research projects to long-term funding of research personnel around a certain topic.


Eemeli Mölsä being promoted as doctor

Doctoral level expertise is needed as ABB is engineering the energy transition

Joint doctoral research projects between Aalto University and ABB are training scientists to develop the cutting-edge products needed in the future.

Nanocellulose printing papers

Aalto University and Murata Japan are pushing the boundaries of material science

The research collaboration explored new territory in nanotechnologies.

Emilia Kauppi

Doctoral research is shedding new light on recycling

A research collaboration with industry partners is improving the recycling of milk and juice cartons



Doctoral researcher Lassi Meronen dressed in a blue shirt, photographed from the side with a studio light shining on the right side of the photo

Why can’t AI say ‘I don’t know’?

Overconfident AI systems can be dangerous, so researchers are teaching them humility

Tuulivoimaloita kuvattuna ylhäältäpäin metsämaisemassa.

Aalto researchers accelerating the green transition in ABB-led programme’s projects

The Green Electrification 2035 programme aims to develop solutions for the green transition.

Jukka Luoma

How to harness artificial intelligence for business? Researchers join forces with eight international companies

Generative AIs like ChatGPT will revolutionise the business world, but so far no one knows how – new research project explores best practices and seeks solutions to pitfalls

HSY wastewater treatment plant from inside

Digital twin for optimizing the carbon balance in wastewater treatment

Researchers at Aalto are creating a digital model for automatic continuous predictive process simulations supporting wastewater treatment plant operation in a new project called DIGICARBA. The proposed digital tool will have a wastewater treatment process model connected to continuous data transmission from the Helsinki wastewater treatment plant.

Open pit mining machines

New collaboration targets the mine-to-market value chain

FCAI, Metso and partners address sustainability in mining with artificial intelligence.

Radiokaiuton huone Otaniemessä. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen

Innovations are not born in the blink of an eye

A good brand has been developed for collaboration between Aalto University and the Saab Group, as well as a reputation for knowing how to do things right.

Useita rinnakkaisia röntgenkuvia leuasta ja hampaista. Kuviin on merkitty keltaisella alaleuan hermokanavan sijainti.

Artificial intelligence assists in dental care and jaw surgery

A model locates nerve canals in the lower jaw quickly and precisely, helping radiologists and dentists save time and effort.

A close-up image of pink woven fabrics and a red bottle of fabric dye.

FinnFiberColor – Spun cellulose fibres and sustainably colored textiles

The FinnFiberColor project develops sustainable solutions for manufactured cellulose fibre processes. The project has enhanced the understanding of the properties of new kinds of textile fibres and assessed the consumer perception of fabrics created from alternative materials.

Päivi Törmä leads the SuperC 2033 consortium, which has just received substantial funding from two Finnish foundations. Photo: Mikko Raskinen/Aalto University

Researchers aim to realize room-temperature superconductors starting with €2.7M in new funding

Physics Professor Päivi Törmä secures substantial funding from Finnish Foundations for global SuperC consortium

green bacteria

The path of least resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is causing a silent, stealthy pandemic – and the pipeline of new antibiotics is dwindling. The good news is that researchers are turning to other ways to fight bacteria, by targeting the very weapons they deploy during an infection.

people brainstorming

Pharmaca, VTT, Aalto University and Finnish Centre for Client and Patient Safety launch Innovation Ecosystem Project for Medication Safety

Aim of project is to improve knowledge of medication safety and promote use of technical solutions supporting medication safety in different sectors and organisations

A picture of the researcher

I am passionate about collaboration between industry and academia

Concerns about the climate, the world’s oil resources, and the availability of strategic raw materials have turned interest towards renewable and carbon-neutral natural resources in the production of energy, fuels and chemicals. Most of the world's industrial chemicals are still petroleum products but biorefineries are the game changers of future.

Pyörteilevä, turbulentti vetyiekki (simulointikuva). Ilya Morev ja Ville Vuorinen, Aalto-yliopisto

How does hydrogen actually work as a fuel? Research project receives 1.7 million euros to study hydrogen combustion

The goal of the project financed by Business Finland is to speed up the development of emission-free marine technology, among other things.


Rakennushankkeen digitaalisista varjoista digikaksosiin

Valmistava teollisuus on jo pitkään puhunut digitaalisista kaksosista mutta keskustelu rakennusten digikaksosista käynnistyi vasta runsas viisi vuotta sitten. Aalto-yliopiston Building 2030 -loppuraportti ulottaa ajatuksen vielä pidemmälle. Se tarkastelee, olisiko rakennusprosessin digitaalinen kaksonen mahdollinen ja mitä arvoa sen käyttö synnyttäisi.

Ryhmän kuva

Finnish academia and companies lead the way towards sustainable nonwoven products in SUSTAFIT research project

Sustainable fit-for-purpose nonwovens project boosts the competitiveness and broadens the export potential of the Finnish nonwovens sector in the growing markets. The 2,6 MEUR project is conducted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and Aalto University and supported by 17 industry partners.



Havainnekuva Aalto University Works -korttelista

Aalto Works energy solution awarded as Energy Genius of the Year 2022

The solution is based on connecting local production and the district heating system, as well as low heat and cold networks

Kemian tekniikan tutkija / Chemical engineering researcher

From processing metals to recycling batteries - Aalto University and Boliden work together to strengthen top expertise in metallurgy

Competence in metallurgy is needed as the energy transition increases the demand for metals, and the reuse of materials requires new competence.

Textile waste. Photo: Shutterstock

New T-REX Project launches to drive closed-loop sorting and recycling of household textile waste across the EU

Aalto University is part of a consortium that has launched an innovative European Union (EU) funded project to create a circular system for post-consumer textile waste.

Professori Monika Österberg.

Professor Monika Österberg's team received funding for the development of bio-based packaging materials

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation funding awarded to Professor Monika Österberg's team will enable Aalto University and Kemira to explore the possibilities of developing fully bio-based packaging materials to reduce the use of plastics in the packaging industry.

Woman touching a long-sleeved Marimekko Unikko shirt on display

Lab-grown pigments and food by-products: The future of natural textile dyes

As the environmental impact of the fashion and textile industries becomes clearer, the demand and need for sustainable alternatives is growing. One international research group aims to replace toxic synthetic dyes with natural alternatives, ranging from plants to microbes to food waste.

Wärtsilä's fuel jet and combustion chamber for optical measurements.

Collaboration between Wärtsilä and Aalto University is expanding - aiming for sustainable future solutions

One key driver of the partnership is the energy transition and the need to develop new zero-emission fuel solutions.

HSY's CEO Tommi Fred and Dean of the School of Engineering Gary Marquis signing the agreement

New cooperation agreements in the fields of the built environment

Aalto University has recently signed cooperation agreements with HSY and the National Land Survey of Finland. Both collaborations focus specifically on the research fields of the Department of Built Environment.

A man and a woman looking at computer screen.

Planmeca and FCAI collaboration: Machine learning for oral and maxillofacial imaging

The second video in FCAI's new video series presents collaboration between FCAI, health equipment manufacturer Planmeca and Tampere University Hospital.

An oil refinery in a summer landscape.

Neste and FCAI collaboration: Optimizing chemical reactors with AI

FCAI's new video series on academy-industry collaboration first presents Neste NAPCON.

Mittauslaitteistoa Otaniemessä.

Researchers join forces with companies to develop low-carbon industrial production

Aalto University, the University of Oulu, and VTT, together with seven companies are searching for ways to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production, and for measures that can be combined in an environmentally responsible brand strategy.


A new type of hand prosthesis learns from the user — and the user learns from the prosthesis

New research enables more functional and robust robotic prostheses.

CRAI-CRIS research group

Participatory research to improve artificial intelligence based public sector services and empower citizens

Multidisciplinary research team invites citizens, civil servants and software developers to identify risks and potential of algorithmic services – and helps providers address upcoming EU regulations

Doctor touching health care icon on a screen

Bayer, Aalto and HUS expand collaboration – artificial intelligence to support clinical drug trials

The project is led by Bayer and seeks to build an innovation ecosystem of companies, universities and representatives of the health sector, making Finland a top country in clinical research.

Paper packaging prototypes - miura ori technique. Photo: Valeria Azovskay

Multidisciplinary research project based on origami seeks solutions for industrial needs

A joint project covering the fields of mathematics, engineering and arts is about to start at Aalto, where the aim is to study and develop folding technology for the needs of industry. In addition to Aalto, the project includes VTT as coordinator, and several companies from the forest industry to the machine design and cosmetics brands, such as Stora Enso, Metsä Group, Lumene, Mirka, Elomatic, Anpap, Orfer and Soften. Business Finland granted funding for the Co-Innovation project.

Yksityiskohta kryostaatista. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen.

A major project brings together Finnish industry and research for quantum technology development

A new research project has been launched to accelerate the progress of Finnish quantum technology. The QuTI project, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, will develop new components, manufacturing and testing solutions, and algorithms for the needs of quantum technology. The QuTI consortium, partly financed by Business Finland, consists of 12 partners and has a total budget of around EUR 10 million.



Ioncell facilities

Neste donates 750 000 euros to Aalto University

The donation is targeted to the field of technology within the Finnish state's matching funding campaign for universities. Aalto has decided to use the donation for research and education in chemical engineering.

Research group members at Karjaa medieval church in May 2020. Photo: Panu Savolainen

Kone Foundation provides major funding for research into Finland's medieval wooden building heritage

Assistant Professor Panu Savolainen's research group receives 347 000 euros in funding.


Bioinnovation Center’s research will focus on sustainable textiles and packaging

Aalto University's Bioinnovation Center has chosen 5 interdisciplinary projects to launch its doctoral school in 2022. The projects aim at innovations in the fields of sustainable textiles and packaging.

Aalto Factory of the Future. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto-yliopisto

Aalto University receives 1 million euros for software-centric industrial automation program

Schneider Electric donation of industrial automation technology, software licenses, and teaching support is to answer for growing need for automation expertise.

Students in a laboratory

Collaboration between Aalto University and ABB leads to pioneering innovations in sustainable development

We are developing world-class technologies together as the shipping sector is shifting to using electronic, autonomous and emission-free solutions. We collaborate closely also in technologies related to digital twins for electric drives and 5G solutions for power grids. The driver behind the development is electrification accelerated by the energy transition.


Non-toxic technology extracts more gold from ore

Study shows new chloride-based process recovers 84% of gold compared to the 64% recovered with traditional methods

Elektroniikan ja nanoteknologian maisteriohjelma

Aalto University and Saab expand strategic research collaboration

Saab invests 3 million euros for expanding the collaboration into new research areas. This increases Saab’s total investment to 23 million euros for the years 2017-2026.

An illustration with the text Impact from research

The Finnish Research Impact Foundation to support academia-industry collaboration - three new projects starting at Aalto

The newly funded joint ventures research and develop technologies for faster testing methods in quantum technologies, super-repellent coating for medical applications, and high-performance mid-infrared fibre lasers.

Photo by Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Aalto University joins Swedish WASP research program on AI and autonomous systems

Aalto University begins collaboration with Swedish universities in Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program. A large number of Swedish companies are also involved in the WASP.

Urban Tech Helsinki

City of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Helsinki and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences collaborate to find sustainable urban solutions

This marks the first time that Helsinki and the three universities engage in incubator-related cross-organisational cooperation.

Lapsia leikkimässä valaistulla kiipeilytelineellä illalla.

Long-term support for Aalto University from Lappset Group helps to raise global awareness of landscape architecture

The framework created by landscape architects plays a key role when playground equipment and sport gear bring joy and thrills to people's lives.

Lithium ion battery electrodes and cells, researcher Taina Rauhala, photo Valeria Azovskaya, 2017

Safer and more efficient rechargeable lithium batteries – Aalto is taking part in new corporate cooperation projects

International projects aim to develop new more environmentally friendly materials and production methods for rechargeable lithium batteries

 Äänen viivettä on tutkittu Suomen hiljaisimmassa huoneessa Otaniemessä sijaitsevassa kaiuttomassa huoneessa.  Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen

The human ear detects half a millisecond delay in sound

Researchers discover how accurately the human ear can detect time delay in sounds in different frequencies.

Design Factory coffeecup think

UPM and Aalto University start co-operation on sustainable design

The main goal of the Design + Sustainability research project is to find new, effective ways to promote sustainable development.

Tilavuus, joka on esitetty kaksoispolttoainesuihkulla. Sininen väri edustaa matalan lämpötilan kemiaa (laji H2O2), kun taas punainen väri osoittaa korkean lämpötilan palamista (T> 1500 K) [1]. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / B. Tekgul, H. Kahila, S. Karimkashi, O. Kaario, Z. Ahmad, E. Lendormy, J. Hyvönen, and V. Vuorinen

Researchers seeking environmentally friendly solutions for sea transport and work machinery

Research funding from Business Finland supports development of new power device solutions from the research phase to practical application.

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