Industrial Internet Campus

Industrial Internet Campus

Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) is a platform for students, researchers, and companies to innovate and co-create smart, connected products and services. Industrial Internet Campus enables multidisciplinary research, education and innovation together with industrial partners. We welcome companies from start-ups to global leaders to co-innovate with us. We offer experimentation facilities in industrial internet, IoT and AI. Let the Otaniemi campus be your test bed! 

Industrial Internet Campus is a co-innovation lab for students, researchers and companies
Students Tuukka Virkki and Po Way Lim researching the effects of pressure and air flow on drying rate of nano paper

Mechatronic Circus & Demo Day 2021

The 11th Mechatronic Circus took place on 8 April, 2021. On this page you can find videos from the student projects as well as presentation materials from the Demo Day.

Industrial Internet Campus

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AntiTrash will develop a vision-based detection system of valuables, trash or damage in a shared vehicle or public transport with complementing new interior materials for car-sharing purposes, nanotechnology for odor detection and interior air quality assurance.

Industrial Internet Campus
DigiTwin Demo Day 2


Machinaide is a project that defines how the industrial ecosystems work together in the future. Today, machines and factories create ecosystems that operate locally. Machinaide creates solutions to connect these ecosystems similarly as the internet works today.

Industrial Internet Campus



Professor Kari Tammi
Research & Art Published:

Professor Kari Tammi’s group develops digital twins for industrial use

A digital twin refers to a virtual model of a machine, equipment or even a whole production plant.
Risto Ojala
Honoured, Studies Published:

Best student paper award for Risto Ojala for an innovative way of improving traffic safety with pedestrian localisation

IEEE Finland Section awarded Risto Ojala, a student at Aalto University, with the best student journal paper award 2020
A magician is waving his wand and hype terms big data, 5G, IoT appear from his hat
Research & Art Published:

Digitalisation did not increase productivity as expected - researchers propose solutions for increasing productivity

There are large sector-specific differences in productivity with room for improvement, especially in manufacturing and construction.
Drawing of people using their smart phones.
Research & Art Published:

The majority of Finland's ICT emissions are generated outside our borders – So our reporting must be adjusted

It is difficult for companies and consumers to obtain information on the environmental impact of information technology. Researchers recommend unified, cross-boarder reporting obligations for the ICT sector.

Mechatronic Circus 2020

Mechatronic Circus is an annual event where students present the smart devices they have built on the mechatronics courses. Unfortunately this year the public event that has normally gathered up to 500 visitors had to be cancelled, but the students and their teachers held the event virtually. You can find the student project presentations and posters by clicking the link below.

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A student-built robot on display at Mechatronic Circus 2018

The 5th Baltic Mechatronics Symposium April 17, 2020

The Baltic Mechatronics Symposium is annual symposium with the objective to provide a forum for young scientists from Baltic countries to exchange knowledge, experience, results and information in large variety of fields in mechatronics.

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An autumnal aerial view of Aalto University campus from Laajalahti, autumn colours, yellow and orange, are prominent in the trees

Education on Industrial Internet

Aalto University offers students and industry education on Industrial Internet.

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Mechatronic Circus takes place on 1 April, 2020


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