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Invest in the future: Doctoral thesis collaboration

Long-term collaboration in the form of a doctoral project enables not only solutions to future technological or business challenges, but also knowledge transfer and dialogue, where the company, the university and the doctoral student all learn from each other. Doctoral students graduating from collaborative projects are well equipped to apply their academic knowledge and research methods to business and product development challenges.
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A doctoral student creates new knowledge through their own research and learns to distinguish between true and false information with the support of experienced researchers at Aalto University. The doctoral student is part of an international academic scientific community and grows professionally into an expert in their own field.

Doctoral students can tailor parts of their degree to support their own career goals, often including valuable innovation and communication skills relevant for positions in the private sector.

Collaboration in doctoral education is beneficial for companies and other organizations in several ways:

  • You gain visibility as an employer and network with future specialists in the field
  • You can find new experts to join your company
  • As a partner, you can also participate in planning the project and supervision of the doctoral student, gaining insight into the research

We see doctoral education as an investment in the future. It provides skills for solving demanding technological challenges and for mastering complex matters. Doctoral graduates have strong university networks that help keep us at the forefront of technological development.

Tuomas Nurmi, Senior HR Manager, Murata Electronics Oy

Ways to collaborate on a doctoral thesis

Common ways to collaborate on doctoral dissertations include contract research and, in many cases, co-funded projects. Projects funded through competitive third-party funding (e.g. Business Finland) typically include research that will become a part of a dissertation, but doctoral thesis work can often also be realized as bilateral co-funded projects.

How to start doctoral thesis collaboration?

If you would like to get involved in a long-term partnership that will increase your future opportunities but do not know where or how to start, contact the Aalto Corporate Relations team. We will help you find the right partner among our professors to take your research topic from an idea to a doctoral project.

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Examples of doctoral thesis collaboration

Eemeli Mölsä being promoted as doctor

Doctoral level expertise is needed as ABB is engineering the energy transition

Joint doctoral research projects between Aalto University and ABB are training scientists to develop the cutting-edge products needed in the future.

Emilia Kauppi

Doctoral research is shedding new light on recycling

A research collaboration with industry partners is improving the recycling of milk and juice cartons

Doctoral researcher Lassi Meronen dressed in a blue shirt, photographed from the side with a studio light shining on the right side of the photo

Why can’t AI say ‘I don’t know’?

Overconfident AI systems can be dangerous, so researchers are teaching them humility

Kalle Spoof

Kalle Spoof's doctoral research for Saab opened the door to the company's product development

In his doctoral thesis, Kalle Spoof developed beamforming of radar systems


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