Aalto University graduates in working life

This page includes information about the job market situation of Aalto University graduates and their career development.
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Career monitoring surveys

Aalto University Career Services follows the career development and labour market situation of our master's degree graduates five years after graduation and our doctoral degree graduates 2-3 years after graduation. These career surveys are conducted as a part of a national survey on academic graduates with the Aarresaari Career Services network representing 14 Finnish Universities. 

Master’s graduates find their degrees are valued by employers

Based on latest career monitoring survey, Master's degree graduates have advanced in various careers over the last five years.  97% were employed and most of the graduates worked in planning, development or administrative duties.

Of those who completed their Master's degree at Aalto University five years ago, 90% were satisfied with their degree in terms of career.  87% agreed that the skills and knowledge they learned could be applied well in their current job and 92% would recommend their degree to others. Almost 96% of Master's graduates from Aalto University agreed with the statement ‘The degree is valued by employers’.

Based on the results, Aalto University graduates saw work experience and the ability to communicate own skills as the most important factors in finding employment. Respondents identified the ability to learn and absorb new things, problem-solving, self-direction and thinking analytically and systematically as the most important skills needed at work and developed at university.

Half of the doctoral graduates work for companies

Based on latest doctoral degree monitoring survey, almost half of the 2014 doctoral graduates were employed at a private or state-owned corporation, less than a third at a university and less than a tenth worked as an entrepreneur or freelancer. 90% of the respondents agreed that the skills and knowledge they learned could be applied well in their current job. 85% of them were satisfied with their degree in terms of career.

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