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School of Science graduates in working life

School of Science Master's graduates are highly successful in finding jobs corresponding to their education. On this page you can find information on job titles, job sectors and career development of our graduates.
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Career monitoring surveys

Aalto University Career Services follows the career development of our graduates five years after graduation. Career development monitoring is conducted as a part of a national survey on academic graduates with the Aarresaari Career Services network representing 13 Finnish universities. The information on this page is based on data deriving from this survey.

Employment of the graduates

The situation in the labour market of our master's degree graduates according to the survey conducted five years after graduation. 

96 % of the employees value the degree of the respondents. 96 % would recommend the degree.

96 % are satisfied with their degree in relation to their careers.

Most of the graduates work in large (57 %) and small or medium-sized (21 %) companies. They are also employed by universities (8 %) and work as entrepreneurs (9 %).

99 % of the graduates were employed or were entrepreneurs five years after graduation. 

The gross pay of the respondents of this 2022 survey is 5428 € (medium 5000 €).

More information:
Riikka Heinonen
Manager, Career Services and Alumni Engagement
Aalto University Advancement and Corporate Engagement
[email protected] 

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