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Career Design for Students

How can you create a meaningful career path? There is no right or wrong way to do it and we are here to help you find your way.

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work. Career Design Lab supports your journey with classes, alumni mentoring, coaching, online resources, job fairs and more. Start exploring and experimenting step by step while you study and design a career that matters!

Tips & Tools

Tips and Tools

What are the tools you can utilize in your journey of Career Design? We have gathered them here for you.

Career Design Lab
Workshops and Classes

Workshops & Classes

Take courses and workshops to find your career direction and learn about the working life

Career Design Lab
Mentoring and Networking

Mentoring and Networking

Networking and particpating in a mentoring programme are great ways to support your personal development and Career Design journey.

Career Design Lab
Jobs, events and career fairs

Jobs, Events and Career fairs

Aalto JobTeaser is the platform for all Career Design Lab services.

Career Design Lab
Career Services for School of Business students
Where to get guidance and support?
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