Applications, instructions and guidelines

Detailed instructions on registering for courses on Sisu

Comprehensive instructions on how to register for courses and other related details.

Operating logic of course registration on Sisu

Sisu has the following operating logic when you register for courses:

  1. Add a course to your primary study plan in the ‘Structure of studies’ section.
  2. Schedule your studies on the ‘Timeline’ tab.
    • You can register for courses even without adding them to your study calendar. However, adding them to your study calendar will make it easier for you to see your upcoming courses. More detailed instructions on using the timeline are available here.
  3. Use the ‘Study calendar’ tab to 1) select the actual dates and form of teaching you want to participate in and 2) register for it.

Registration for courses through your study plan

  1. Open the ‘Structure of studies’ section.
  2. Click on the code of the course you want to take.
  3. Go to the ‘Completion methods’ tab and choose a completion method.
    • Click on the method of completion you want to use (e.g. ‘method of completion 1’) and then click on the button ‘Select this completion method’.
    • Check that the year under the course title is the ongoing academic year.
  4. After you have selected a method of completion, select the suitable teaching dates and times. Then click ‘Select’.
    • Note: When you click ‘Select’, you are adding the teaching to your study calendar but you have not registered for the course yet!
  5. After you have selected the form of teaching you plan to attend, Sisu will prompt you to register for the course by displaying the following message at the top of the screen: ‘Xxxx selected. Proceed to registration.’ Click on the link.
  6. Go to the Study calendar and select ‘Registration’ in the assistant.
  7. Click the arrow icon on the right-hand side of a course to see its teaching groups and dates.
    • If attendance in all teaching groups is mandatory, Sisu automatically displays them in your Study calendar, and you do not need to select a group when you register for the course.
    • If the course includes several teaching groups and students do not need to participate in every group, mark each group as suitable/non-suitable for you before you register for the course. See detailed instructions below under 'The course includes several teaching groups and students do not need to participate in every group'.
  8. Click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the registration box.
  9. Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm your registration.

Different types of registration

There are two alternative ways for students to register for courses on Sisu. The type of registration determines whether you will be admitted to a course immediately or after the registration period has ended.

Registration for courses through the search function

You can also use the search function to register for courses. However, this is not recommended, unless you are registering in order to raise the grade of a course you completed during an earlier academic year. In all other cases, preferably register for courses through your study plan as described above.

Study calendar tabs

The study calendar includes three tabs on the right-hand side: ‘Teaching not selected’, ‘Registration’ and ‘Finished and discontinued’.

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Applications, instructions and guidelines
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