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After you register for a course in Sisu

Instructions on what you can do in Sisu after you register for a course, such as checking whether you registered successfully and updating a course registration.

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Course registration and access to MyCourses

As soon as your course registration has been confirmed in Sisu, you will be given access to the MyCourses workspace of the course. If you have selected an examination as the method you will use to complete the course, you will be given access to the MyCourses workspace immediately upon registration if you fulfil the basic requirements for registration.

Viewing your registrations

You can see all courses for which you have registered in the Registration-page and in the ‘My profile’ section, in the ‘Course registrations’ tab. After you register for a course, you should always check the Registration-page to see whether your registration was successful.

Checking the Registration-page to see whether your registration was successful:

  1. Go to the Registration-page and scroll down.
  2. Check the status of your registration in the 'Registrations being processed' or 'Registration processed' columns.

Updating a course registration

You can edit your answers to the registration questions and change the teaching groups you selected during the registration period. You can also do it later if the settings of the course permit it.

Cancelling a registration and dropping a course

You can cancel your registration while the registration period is still ongoing and the course has not begun. Click 'Cancel' next to the course on the Registration-page. 

If the registration period has ended, you can no longer cancel your registration (unless the course in question has an extended cancellation period). The only way to leave the course is to drop it, or in other words, discontinue your participation in it. If the registration time has ended but the implementation has not yet started, you should wait until the implementation begins for you to discontinue your participation. If necessary, you can contact the teacher of the course and ask them to mark you as discontinued.

  • Please note that if you discontinue a course implementation, you cannot register for the discontinued implementation again yourself, but you must contact Student Services. However, you can register for the next implementation of the course normally.

Dropping a course:

  1. Open the Registration page and find the course you want to discontinue in the section Registration processed. 
  2. Click on the button ‘Withdraw from this course’.
    • Sisu will open a notification to remind you that you will not be able to re-register for the course if you drop it.
  3. Confirm your decision to drop the course. Sisu moves the course to the ‘Finished and discontinued’ tab of your study calendar. You can now delete it from your calendar.
    • Note: if you discontinue your participation in a course on Sisu, your status in the MyCourses workspace of the course also changes to ‘inactive’.
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