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Detailed instructions on registering for courses in Sisu

Comprehensive instructions on how to register for courses and other related details.

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Operating logic of course registration in Sisu

Sisu has the following operating logic when you register for courses:

  1. Add a course to your primary study plan on the Structure of studies-page.
  2. Schedule your studies on the Timeline-page.
    • You can register for courses even without scheduling them. However, scheduling them will make it easier for you to see your upcoming courses. More detailed instructions on using the timeline are available here.
  3. Use the Registration-page to choose the teaching you wish to attend and register for it. 

Different types of registration

There are two alternative ways for students to register for courses in Sisu. The type of registration determines whether you will be admitted to a course immediately or after the registration period has ended.

Registration for courses through your study plan

  1. Open your study plan from the Structure of Studies-page.
  2. Click on the code of the course you want to attend. 
  3. Go to the ‘Completion methods’ tab and choose a completion method.
    • Click on the method of completion you want to use (e.g. ‘method of completion 1’) and then click on the button ‘Select this completion method’.
    • Check that the year under the course title is the ongoing academic year.
  4. After you have selected a method of completion, select the suitable teaching implementation. Then click ‘Select’.
    • Note: When you click ‘Select’, you have only selected the teaching - you have not registered for the course yet!
  5. After you have selected the form of teaching you plan to attend, Sisu will prompt you to register for the course by displaying a pop-up-message at the top of the screen: ‘Xxxx selected. Proceed to registration.’ Click on the link.
  6. Go to the Registration-page, where you can find the courses that still need registrating in the Register-section.
  7. Click the Register-button in the registration box. 
  8. Choose the teaching groups and answer any possible additional questions in the window that opens. 
    • If attendance in all teaching groups is mandatory, Sisu automatically displays them as chosen, and you do not need to select a group when you register for the course.
    • If the course includes several teaching groups and students do not need to participate in every group, mark each group as suitable/non-suitable for you before you register for the course. See detailed instructions below under 'The course includes several teaching groups and students do not need to participate in every group'.
  9. Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm your registration.

Changing course version

  1. In your study plan, click the code (name) of the course you want to change.
  2. The info sheet opens. Click version: zzzz-xxxx under the name of the course.
  3. A list opens and you can choose the current academic year.
  4. A blue banner appears in the top of the screen, confirm your selection from ”Switch to this version”.

Additional information for changing the version of a minor, an equivalent course, or master studies: Changing the version in your study plan

Detailed instructions: changing course version

If you have created your study plan according to a previous academic year, you will have the course versions of that particular academic year in your HOPS.  

  1. Check according to which academic year you have created your study plan. You can see it under the name of your study plan. 
  2. Vaihtaaksesi opintojakson version klikkaa opintojakson koodia. To change the version of the course, click the course code. The course information sheet will open. 
  3. Under the course name and code in the top left corner, choose the ongoing academic year from the drop down menu. 
  4. Sisu will inform you that "You are now looking at a version of the course that is not in your study plan. Use this version."
  5. Click the link Use this version.
  6. Move to the Completion methods-tab and choose your completion method by clicking Select method
  7. After choosing the completion method you will be able to choose the teaching you want to participate in, and move to registering via the Registration-page. 

You can't see the ongoing teaching in the course information sheet

If you are trying to register to an implementation via the study plan and the course information sheet and you have not changed the version to the correct one, you might not see the teaching for the ongoing academic year in the Completion methods-tab in the Teaching-section. You will see the teaching once you have changed the version of the course. 


On the Registration-page you can choose how you want to complete the courses you have added to your study plan and register for course implementations. You can also see an overall view of all your registrations. 

Selection of course unit

  • Here you can see the courses that are in your primary study plan, for which you have not yet chosen the implementation (teaching).
  • If you have scheduled the courses on yout Timeline, they will be in the scheduled order. Otherwise they are listed. 
  • You can select an implementation by clicking Select implementation by the course. 
  • If you have more than one stusy right, you can see the courses you have selected to the study plan according to the different study rights. 

Registration to implementations


  • Here you can see the implementations for which you have chosen the teaching you want to participate in but you have not yet completed the registration
  • If the registration period is still ongoing .you will see a Register-button next to the implementation you have chosen
  • If the registration period has not yet begun, you will see that information next to the implementation. 

Registrations being processed-column

  • Here you can see the implementations that you have successfulyy registered to, but for which the registrations are still being processed. 
  • Next to each implementation you will see an estimate of whether you would be accepted to the course, if the registration period were to end at this very moment. 
  • If there are conditions to the registration that you do not fulfill, you will be informed next to the implementation. By clicking on the implementation you will see which conditions that are not being met. 
  • You can modify you registration by clicking the Edit-button and cancel your registration by clicking Cancel.

Registration processed-colum

  • Here you can see the registrations that have been processed.
  • You will see whether you were accepted or not. 
  • If the registration was not accepted but the registration period is still ongoing, you can register again.
  • You can cancel your registration if you can see a Cancel-button
  • You can modify you chosen teaching groups if you see a Edit group selections-button.
  • You can drop the course if you can see a Withdraw from this course-button. 
  • You can check ended or dropped courses by navigating to the Study calendar.  

Study calendar

If you want to check for possible overlaps between courses before registering, use the study calendar.

In the top right corner of the study calendar there are three tabs: Teaching not selected, Registration, and Finished and discontinued

In the Teaching not selected-tab you will find the courses that you have placed in your study plan but for which you have not yet chosen the teaching you want to participate in. You can register either through the Registration-page or through the Registration-tab in the study calendar. 

In the Registration-tab you will find all the teaching that you have selected and placed in your study plan and study calendar, and for which you have either not yet registered or already registered. 

In the Finished and discontinued-tab you will find all the teaching that has already finished, and courses you have dropped. If you have received a grade you will see it beside each course. 

Registering to courses you have completed in a past academic year when you want to raise your grade

If you have completed a course in a past academic year (e.g. 2021-2022) and you want to raise your grade by retaking the course or participating in its retake exam in a coming academic year (e.g. 2023–2024), do this: 

  1. use the search function to find your course
  2. Register to the course via the Register-page
  3. Sisu will display an error message, saying that the course is not in your HOPS and you cannot register for it. This is because your HOPS contains a different version of the same course. 
  4. When Sisu refuses to process your registration because the correct version of the course is not included in your HOPS, write to Student Services at [email protected] and ask them to confirm your registration for the course (if your registration is not prevented by other factors).

To note when registering through the search function

  • If you register to courses via the search function, Sisu will first direct you to register for teaching, and only after that to add the course to your study plan. But, if you do add the course to your study plan before registering, Sisu will not automatically direct you to register through the pop-up notification that you would normally get in the top corner. Make sure to check the Register-page that you have actually registered for the desired course. 
  • So that the grading of the course goes smoothly, make sure to select the completion method that you registered for. Sisu does not check that you selected the right completion method, you will have to take care of that yourself. 
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