Applications, instructions and guidelines

Sisu support contact information

Please choose your contact channel according to the nature of your problem at hand.

Problems concerning studies

Please contact the Learning Services of your programme with problems that concern studies.Find your programme page and click Contact Information

Technical problems with Sisu

Contact us at: [email protected]

Please include your student number and other relevant information related to your problem when you contact us. Depending on the situation such information might be course code, minor subject code, date of teaching implementation. This helps us to solve your problem faster.

Accessibility support for Sisu at Aalto University

Otaniemi campus students

  1. If you have accessibility related challenges using Sisu, please contact the Starting Point service desk. If you know that your issue is time consuming, we hope that you inform us by email [email protected] in advance when you will be visiting the Starting Point service desk.
  2. The Starting Point will help you determine the nature of the problem and how to resolve it, with the Sisu team when necessary. If possible, the Starting Point will offer to take care of the matter on your behalf (such as registering for courses or filling in forms).
  3. If using Sisu is likely to cause you repeated problems throughout your studies, get in touch with the contact person for individual study arrangements at your school:  
  4. You can discuss your needs for support for using Sisu – and other matters related to studying – with the contact person for your school.
  5. Help for facilitated use of Sisu is arranged between you, the contact person for individual study arrangements, and the Starting Point.

Mikkeli campus students

  1. If you have difficulties using Sisu, please contact Mari Syväoja ([email protected]).
  2. Mari will help you figure out the problem. The Sisu team will also help, if needed. Depending on the situation, we will provide you with Sisu user support or offer to do things on Sisu on your behalf (such as creating a study plan or registering for courses). 
  3. If using Sisu is likely to repeatedly cause you challenges throughout your studies, discuss your need for both Sisu-related support and other support with Mari. With her, you can agree on easily accessible support for using Sisu.

Feedback regarding Sisu's accessibility

This form (opens in new tab) allows you to give anonymous feedback regarding Sisu's accessibility. Please note that, as this feedback is anonymous, we cannot respond to individual senders since no contact information is collected by the form.

If you wish to receive a response, please send your feedback on Sisu’s accessibility to [email protected] instead. Feedback sent to that email is not anonymous.

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Applications, instructions and guidelines
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