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Before you register for courses in Sisu

There are some things you should consider before registering for courses in Sisu, such as registration periods and requirements.

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Registration periods

  • If a limited number of participants will be admitted to a course implementation, the registration period usually ends 7 days before the teaching period begins.
  • If the number of participants is not limited, the registration period usually ends 7 days after the teaching period has begun.

You need to register separately for examinations that are not included in the registration for the course. The registration period ends 7 days before the examination.

To see the registration period of a course implementation, see the course information sheet:

  1. Go to the ‘Completion methods’ tab.
  2. In the ‘Teaching’ section, open the course implementation in question.
  3. Go to the ‘Registration’ tab.

Terms and criteria for registration

At Aalto University, the basic requirements for registration for courses include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • You have a valid right to study at Aalto University
  • You have enrolled as an attending student
  • You have added the course for which you are registering to your primary study plan, and this study plan matches your right to study

To check if you need to meet other requirements before you can register for teaching, see the course information sheet.

  1. Go to the Completion methods-tab.
  2. In the Teaching-section, open the course implementation in question.
  3. Go to the Registration-tab.

Number of participants in a course implementation

The total number of seats for the implementation can be seen next to each teaching group when you register, and often also in the course information sheet.

Some vocabulary related to course registrations used in Sisu

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Applications, instructions and guidelines
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